Do Boko Haram Headchoppers Believe in Global Warming?

You really have to live in some kind of fantasy world to belong to the progressive movement today:

Crackpots at The Guardian Blame Global Warming for Rise of Boko Haram

Boko Haram stands for the Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad. The organization’s stated purpose is to establish a “pure” Islamic state ruled by sharia. (GWP)

Boko Haram is not only dangerous. It also has friends in high places….

The Northern Elders have said that the Federal Government ”should pay billions as ransom to Shekau and release all detained Boko Haram members” and that there must be ”no foreign forces in Nigeria”. They have also demanded that ”force should not be used” in securing the freedom of the abducted girls.

These demands are repugnant. It is the same people that did not want troops to be deployed to the area in the first place.

wpid-AbubakarShekauBokoHaramLeader517916963Naijapals5Bdot5Dcom-300x199It is Allah that instructed us, until we soak the ground of Nigeria with Christian blood, and so-called Muslims contradicting Islam. We will kill and wonder what to do with their smelling corpses. This is a war against Christians and democracy and their constitution’’. … More Christianophobia at Spy Ghana/Mullah

 Camoron & Ammanpour, Hashtag Activists:


David Cameron holds up ‘bring back our girls’ sign

“We are seeing this really violent, extremist Islamism. We see it with problems in Pakistan, we see it problems in other parts of Africa, problems in the Middle East. Also, let’s be frank, here in the UK.” …  More frankness at The Telegraph, thanks to Mullah, pbuh.

UN Looks To Catholic Church To Promote Agenda 21

Yesterday Pope Francis called on the UN to look for a fair redistribution of wealth in an effort to help the world’s poor. Today, according to an article on, the UN is looking to the Catholic Church to help push Sustainable Development (Agenda 21)

Several states have banned, or tried to ban,  Agenda 21 from being implemented in an effort to protect property rights. But if the Catholic church is now jumping on board the UN Sustainable Development bandwagon, will it now be preached from the pulpit?

From the Religion of Peace:

Religious Exemption from Animal Welfare  (

Halal is cruel to animals. So, while food retailers should be upfront about what they’re serving up, the real issue is the mistreatment and abuse of animals.

Taqiyya in Baltimore  (Jihad Watch)

In the course of condemning Boko Haram, a Muslim leader in Baltimore neglects to mention a few critical details.

Women are the Spoils of War in Nigeria  (Right Side)

Sharia supports the enslavement of non-Muslim women.

Rape and Jihad  (Phyllis Chesler)

“Boko Haram’s behavior is typical of any armed Muslim force beginning in Mohammed’s time.”

The World’s Islam Problem – Diagnosed in 1993  (PJ Media)

Hard research shows that yes, it is all about Islam with terrorists.

Humiliate the Kuffar Until They Convert  (Midnight Watcher)

(Video) A stunningly candid admission that historic conversions to Islam were largely due to social pressures contrived by Muslim rulers.

Lifting the Veil of ‘Islamophobia’  (Sam Harris)

A terrific interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

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  1. Why should David Cameron care about the enslavement of NONMUSLIM girls in Nigeria when he did not care about NONMUSLIM little girls being enslaved by Muslims in Britain?

    Bit of a hypocrite, really.

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