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Oops! Singing Jihadists Accidentally Blown Up at Party (GWP)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oops! Someone forgot to check their explosive vest at the door.

A group of Syrian jihadists were accidentally blown up at a party recently.
A video shows the Islamists singing and beating on drums before the room explodes.
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The Sunday World reported:

A group of men from a Syrian based terrorist group called Takfiri were accidentally blown up when one of their gang forgot to take off his bomb belt.

The event, which has been described by media outlets as a “Jihadi office party”, was cut short by a huge explosion followed by screams of “Allahu akbar”.

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Story of the Day”

  1. Why thank you for that!

    Clearly, Allah is not with these turds.

    It amusing, that even during a raging civil war in Syria, they were able to take a break and engage in karaoke and that someone was even thoughtful enough to bring along a microphone. It the microphone that adds that special touch to the whole thing.

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