Friday Fartwa: Husbands Should Abandon Wives to Rapists in Self-Interest

YasserBorhamiIslam permits Muslim husbands to abandon their wives to rapists in order to save their own lives—so says Dr. Yassir al-Burhami, vice president of Egypt’s Salafi party, the nation’s premiere Islamist party since the Muslim Brotherhood was banned.

Burhami’s fatwa, or Islamic decree, is not altogether surprising. Earlier the Salafi sheikh said that, although a Muslim man may marry non-Muslim women, specifically Christians and Jews, he must hate them—and show them that he hates them—because they are “infidels” (even as he enjoys them sexually). (Raymond Ibrahim, Frontpagemag)


No attempt here by President Zeman to blame only a “handful of extremists.” He knows too much.

Turkey “concerned about growing foreign and immigrant hostility within the EU”

Hugh Fitzgerald:

 Anthony Cordesman Walks Out of Al-Jazeera Interview to Protest Anti-American Line of Questions

MEMRI TV/ Transcript here

Christina McIntosh

Keysar Trad  is a certified “disgraceful and dangerous individual who incited violence, hatred and racism”,

As reported by Latika Bourke of Australia’s ABC, just this week.:  “Sydney Muslim Community Leader Keysar Trad Sounds Out Labor, Liberals for Federal Seat”.

Bankstown City Council Threatens Closure of Illegal Mosque

One hopes that the Council will put their foot down and enforce their regulations.

A report from the consistently, foolishly and dangerously Islamophile ABC, with the byline (as one sees so often these days in mainstream media reports dealing with Muslims not only in Muslim-dominated lands but within non-Muslim lands) shared by a non-Muslim reporter – here, Allan Clarke – and the obligatory Mohammedan “minder” or co-reporter – in this case, one Mohammed Taha.–“Brotherhood Boxn: Gym for Young Muslim Men in Greenacre Under Threat of Closure by Bankstown Council”.

“….we need this place here, especially Friday sermons.”

What could be more important than that?

2 thoughts on “Friday Fartwa: Husbands Should Abandon Wives to Rapists in Self-Interest”

  1. Why do muslims still exist in Australia?
    It’s not like we don’t know what they are about!

    If you don’t yet know the muslim plan
    – have a quick read of the qur’an.
    (a google seach will give you a free copy)

    You do not have to read (classical or even modern) Arabic.
    There is absolutely no problem with reading a translated Qur’an.

    “Kill non-muslims” translates the same from any version of Arabic.

    As does …..
    Qur’an 5:51
    “Believers, take not Jews and Christians (non-muslims) for your friends.”

    AND ….
    [Page 104]

    1. Exterminate kafirs.
    Christians/Jews must pay Jizya tax to Muslims, accept dimmi status as per Quran 9.29 or die.
    Murder of kafirs is a divine, holy act guaranteeing accession to Paradise.
    2. Declare Jihad to conquer the kafirs.
    War against kafirs is a divine act.
    3. Rape kafir women (no matter their age.)
    Own and rape sex slaves.
    Rape Muslim wives.
    Rape is a divine act.
    Marry Muslim child brides is Sunna.
    4. Own and breed slaves.
    Slavery is a divine institution of the AntiGod.
    5. Loot/plunder kafir property.
    Robbery is sunna.
    6. Destroy all other religions.
    7. Impose Sharia Law.
    8. Stone/whip adulterers.
    9. Assassinate Islam’s enemies.
    10. Murder all those who challenge Islam.
    11. Impose Islamic supremacy.
    12. Terrorize kafirs.
    13. Torture kafirs.
    14. Murder homosexuals.
    Murder apostates of Islam.
    15. Preach hate of Jews/Christians/ all other kafirs.

    These are the sacraments of the AntiGod Allah sanctifying the divine actions of Muslim men.
    • This is the religious freedom President Obama/Bloomberg and all the other political/media/intellectual ‘elites’ supporting Islam are fighting for under the guise of religious freedom.
    • The AntiGod Allah is no God and Islam is no religion.
    • All those supporting Islam are supporting not democracy and freedom but totalitarianism.
    • Islam stands against everything the Constitution stands for.
    • We are on the verge of entering a black hole from which we can never emerge.

    There is no radical islam – only islam.

  2. When you read the Qur’an ….
    • do not read the Qur’an arranged in the Traditional order – the longest to the shortest chapter.
    • Read the Qur’an arranged in chronological order.

    1. the tolerant passages are earlier and the intolerant, violent passages are later.
    2. the peaceful passages don’t count any more.

    Now you know ….
    the truth about islam.
    Now you understand ….
    The dirty little game muslims are playing.

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