Good heavens, not Tony BLiar again!

The Sheiks from the OIC must be paying him very well.

The Nigerian Kidnappers’ Ideology (is based on a warped and false view of religion – Tony Blair)

“… let me state some things very clearly. This ideology does not represent Islam. The majority of Muslims do not agree with it….”

‘Britain First’: Tackling the menace of far-right intolerance

 (Muhammad Abdul Bari was the former Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (2006-10). Right-wing group Britain First is harassing Muslims in the UK. (full post below the fold.)

Worldwide Terrorism Perpetrated by Islamists Muslims

By: Rachel Molschky

… Reading the news can be depressing with so much inhumanity and each day, more terror, more senseless killing. And there is one common thread to it all: Islam. …

Story at Cherson and Molschky/thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Pope’s prayers drowned out by Mohamedan loudspeakers

Dhimmedia censored this footage.

Pamela Geller:

The menace of far-right intolerance

As the old, far-right warriors such as the British National Party (BNP) and the English Defence League (EDL) appear to be losing some steam in recent times, their new incarnation, a relatively new group (Britain First), is now flexing its muscles and baring its teeth at Britain’s minority Muslim community. It is a tiny group, but violent and it seems bigger than it is because of its large social media presence.

Its members have recently started targeting mosques across the country. With their own film crew, they are producing short videos of their “conquests” and posting them on social media platforms to create maximum impact.

The first of their stunts was in Bradford city in May. Their members, some wearing uniforms, stagedprotests at 10 places of worship in the city centre and handed out Bibles outside the mosques. A statement on the Britain First Facebook page said: “This is the first of many such operations that are due to be launched across Yorkshire against Islam. The Yorkshire brigade is finally here and has ‘blooded’ itself in the most heavily Muslim town in Yorkshire.”

Their most recent invasion was at the heart of the British Muslim community in the East End of London – the East London Mosque (ELM), Britain’s largest and London’s oldest mosque (established in 1910). On May 19 at midday, four uniformed members of Britain First entered the mosque after leaving their car in a no-parking area, ignored a sign requesting people to take off their shoes and walked across the carpeted lobby area where people pray, handing out leaflets and a Bible to the receptionist. The ELM were calm and dealt with these “invaders” with professionalism, dignity, and announced swiftly on social media that the “invasion” was a failure.

For the thousands among the congregation, Britain First’s behaviour was nothing but ridiculous – the ELM has been working with other faith groups including Christians almost daily. With a synagogue next door and excellent relations with all the inter-faith groups, the East London Mosque has a unique place in London’s East End. Britain First’s previous visit, as part of their misnamed “Christian Patrol”, and the recent “invasion” provided nothing but a distraction and irritation.

Talk to Al Jazeera – Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu: Combating Islamophobia

Britain First emerged in November 2011 organised by some BNP-linked activists to protect “British and Christian morality”, but their blatant desecration of a prayer place with their boots goes totally against Christian teachings. They demonise the entire Muslim community for the perverted Rochdale sex trafficking gang and publicmurder of soldier Lee Rigby. Lee Rigby’s mother has accused the far-right group of cashing in on people’s misery.

Mosques, like prayer places of any faith community, are non-political; most mosques are at the forefront of addressing social issues and the spiritual void in our increasingly commercialised society. Many hold open days for new visitors who are given guided tours and have their own religious etiquette.

If Britain First’s main aim is to provoke Muslim youth, then they are mistaken; the overwhelming majority of young Muslims (apart from tiny self-serving fringe elements, like ex-Muhajiroun) cannot be baited.. The British Muslim youth carried themselves impeccably during the 2011 England riots, where looting, and mayhem in London subsequently brought some inner cities to a standstill.

However, with increasing haughtiness, Britain First appears to be a nuisance at some mosques but also apain in the neck for our police forces. They may be a bunch of dangerous jokers who could, and would probably like to, set off a chain reaction of backlash and counter-backlash. We all need to watch out.

Mosques are open places of worship where anybody and everybody is welcome. Britain First’s undue presence has the potential to disturb peace in the mosques that are not used to, nor have sufficient funding, to employ extra staff to handle them; creating a security ghetto is against the whole purpose of a place of prayer.

The Muslim community and anti-fascist groups are waiting to see how our political leaders and media columnists respond to this new menace. Some of them do not waste time in demonising all Muslims for the actions of the very few.

4 thoughts on “Good heavens, not Tony BLiar again!”

  1. I could just as easily have used the word “Muslims” in the title and have done so in other articles. Don’t read too much into the word choice. Either way, they follow Islamic doctrine, which calls for our destruction.

  2. Love your work, Rachel. Your contributions to this are invaluable.
    However, I think it is important to stop the ‘dancing on eggshells’, as Diana West calls it:

    “Islamism,” which is the ideology I (among others) call “Islamic supremacism” — a.k.a “radical” or “extremist” Islam, or even “sharia-ism” in the recent coinage of my friend Joy Brighton . . . all of us, it should be conceded, grappling for the pitch-perfect term that (we hope) justifies sidestepping the gnawing question whether Islam itself inevitably breeds aggressive Muslim groups even if it is otherwise widely construed, or at least practiced, benignly. (Italics in the original.)

    To me, this paragraph is deeply depressing. I think it’s the egg-shell-delicate emotionalism with which Andy and his peers (“all of us”) are still “grappling” with this simple, simple subject of Islam — the “pitch-perfect term,” after all. Why such angst? Why such nonsense words (“sharia-ism”)? That there are people in this world who see fit to follow the totalitarian and supremacist precepts of the Koran and the rest of the authoritative Islamic texts is not a cause for Christian or Jewish or Zoroastrian embarassment. That there are people in this world who consider Mohammed, the first jihadist who “married” a six year old, their model is not a cause for agonizing guilt among those who follow Jesus Christ, Moses, Pan or the wind.

    Our era’s seemingly eternal conversation about the “ists” and “isms” that mainly Christians and Jews like to cloak Islam with continues here.

  3. “…..Mosques, like prayer places of any faith community, are non-political;”

    Yeah, right.

  4. @Mohammed Wazir Ahkspaidar,

    Yep, those silly muslims stuck in the 7th century forgot about all those modern western made recording devices that have ‘recoreded’ and documented what has been said in Mosques against nonbelievers, you know us apes and pigs.

    The imams who have articulated hate, violence and death against the nonbelievers. The imams who have urged their followers towards jihad and to ignore the laws and to despise their host countries….all caught on tape. Their duplicity is there for all to bear witness to.

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