Is Bananas in Pyjamas all they got?

The opening line from Janet Albrechtsen’s column this morning struck a chord:

MONDAY night, a bunch of rude and rowdy university students in the audience of Q&A ambushed the ABC panel show, causing the broadcaster to pull the program from the air.

Like that’s a bad thing. Conservatives have been calling on the ABC, and the government, to pull that program for years.

(Catallaxy also has a nice take on the subversives who call free speech “bigotry”: Peter Phelps on 18c


Leftist ‘Indonesia correspondent for Indonesia’  in the Sydney Moonbat Herald:

Australian navy turns back asylum seeker boat to Indonesia after loading three extra people

Shocker: People on board the wooden boat have told authorities in Indonesia that the Australian navy loaded two Albanians and one Indonesian onto the boat before sending it back to a remote island in eastern Indonesia.

So what’s the problem?

That’s the problem.

TANYA PILBERSEK (Labor’s foreign affairs spokesman) We understand that the president of Indonesia has issued a personal invitation to the Prime Minister and, ironically, it’s to attend an open government forum but we don’t know the reason that the Prime Minister is not attending.

The Greens are even worse:

The Greens on Saturday said Mr Abbott was already an embarrassment and that the Liberal government’s “cruel refugee policy” had condemned Australia to a poor relationship with Indonesia.

Here’s Pickering on the Jones boy:

One look at the hand-picked audience and it was clear Jones had set Pyne up, and Pyne knew it! But the diminutive Education Minister is a seasoned operator and was in no mood for the supercilious Jones. 

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