Just a group of 'allahu akbaring' criminals….

The Thai Jihad Rages On
More than 5,700 people have been killed in the south since January 2004 and more than 40 have been killed this year.
2014512101242276580_20One killed and more than 10 injured as suspected Muslim separatists launch more than 30 attacks in the south.
Al-Azhar grand imam says Arab Spring was Western plot
If it wasn’t a ‘western plot’ it must have been a ‘Zionist plot’. The Arab mind is a mental cesspool. But that doesn’t mean Obama had nothing to do with it.
Al-Azhar grand imam says Arab Spring was Western plotSheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb

While the Arab Spring resulted in a few minor reforms in the still-standing Algerian government, the result in other countries has been much different.

Hijabbery in Slovenia

Cupidity and stupidity: Slovenia produces second headscarfed Muslim EP nominee

You’ll never find a muselmaniac who is not some kind of ‘rights activist’.

How long before they cave?
CAIR Wants ‘Islamist Extremism,’ ‘Jihadism’ Removed From 9/11 Museum Video | CNS News

“After repeated requests to correct misrepresentations, the film ignorantly implies a religion, rather than a group of criminals, was to blame for the September 11 attacks,” said CAIR-NY board member Zead Ramadan. … (thanks to Mullah)

The U.S., a totalitarian nightmare

You know you are in a totalitarian society when those accused of thought crimes invariably cringingly apologize.

The message is clear: absolutely no disapproval of the homosexualization of football will be tolerated. Intolerance must be saved for Christians like Tim Tebow, who was openly mocked for his faith even on the field during the game, with the tacit approval of the authorities.–NFL Falls to Political Correctness  (Moonbattery)