Obama Agitprop Cenk Uygur: ‘Get The Fuck Out Of Here With Benghazi!’

Cenk Uygur.  Another rabid headbanger polluting U.S. airwaves. A raving lunatic, to be sure.  Perhaps just a bit more unhinged than the Nazi propagandists and the agitprops of the old Soviet Union.

Notice that when he says “There’s a mountain of problems with the Obama administration”, all the ones he cites are leftist “problems” and none of them are likely to impeach Obama. That’s his fake attempt to appear unbiased, honest and forthcoming about the admin. Lol, fail. (Pat Dollard)

One thought on “Obama Agitprop Cenk Uygur: ‘Get The Fuck Out Of Here With Benghazi!’”

  1. if you ever followed TYT, you’d know that Cenk is one of the people that criticizes obama from the left the most. he criticizes obama almost as much as the right does, calling him an “agitprop” is ridiculous. And he’s also right, Benghazi is a nonsense political clown show to undermine Hilary, because you right wingers are shaking in your boots at the perceived ass kicking you’ll receive in 2016.

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