Robert Spencer on Sun TV on Sharia, Boko Haram and the Sultan of Brunei

Robert Spencer on Sun TV on Sharia, Boko Haram and the Sultan of Brunei

Last night on Michael Coren’s Sun TV show I discussed these topics with guest host Alex Pierson (summary and video courtesy AlohaSnackbar01):

1) Islamophobia! The international community finally – finally! – wakes up to the threat posed by Boko Haram after the Islamic jihad group kidnaps hundreds of young girls in Nigeria. Whatever ever happened to “who are we to criticize?”

2) Islamophobia! Hollywood celebrities put down the canapes long enough to protest the Sultan of Brunei, owner of two Beverly Hills hotels, and the newly-implemented Sharia law in his country. Surely Brunei’s move is a reaction to Western colonialism. Or poverty. Or something.

Pam Geller On Fox News: “Obama Has Sided With Jihadists At Every Turn”

The Soros funded wankers from Mediamatters are seething that Hannity gives her air time:

2 thoughts on “Robert Spencer on Sun TV on Sharia, Boko Haram and the Sultan of Brunei”

  1. There is no parallel in history in any nation, where a bunch of immigrants have been allowed into a country, and then raped little girls over decades, with the authorities turning a blind eye.

    Why is their no parallel in history for such an occurrence?

    The answer is that no government has been so weak, so immoral and so far down the road to cowardice, as to allow immigrants to rape thousands of little girls.

    I had to ask myself then, why did immigrant Muslims do this? What was in the minds of these Muslims in the UK or Scandinavia, that their fellow believers would not do elsewhere?

    The actions of these rapists reminded me of what happens to a country that is invaded and occupied. The soldiers rape any female they can – young, old or whatever, does not matter. Young being better. For this, there are plenty of parallels in history.

    The reason is clear. A cohort of Muslims view themselves as a conquering force.

    It is inconceivable that the authorities did not know, as they claim. They knew.

    And now they are trying to brush it under the carpet. The matter is of such huge national shame, that they have no option but to.

    Historians will view this chapter in our history as one of the most shameful.

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