Serbia: "we faced very heavy and even difficult pressure to support the Palestinians”

The Christian Serbs, who lost much of their heartland to Bosnian and Albanian Muslim invaders, stand with Israel. Support the Serbs, down with the muselmanic expansion project!

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik told Jerusalem Post writer Michael Freund that his autonomous federation has been put under immense pressure by the Muslim and Croat-led Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina to support the UN membership of the Palestinian Authority.

The bi-zonal federal state of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been in disagreement regarding Palestinian membership in the UN, with the ethnic Serb-led Republika Srpska government opting to block the countries support for the Palestinian cause in the international arena.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has therefore been unable to reach a consensus among Serb, Croat and Muslim community representatives on its policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with Republika Srpska on a number of occassions ruling in favor of Israeli interests.

“We faced very heavy and even difficult pressure to support the Palestinian move,” Dodik told the Jerusalem Post. “Nonetheless, we did not hesitate to adopt a pro-Israel position,” he said, adding that he was pround of Republika Srpska’s stance.