SWEDEN: More car fires and riots raging in the Muslim suburbs of Stockholm

Spineless in Sweden:

But none of the media have the guts to call them Muslims. They use euphemisms like “youths,” “Husby,” (heavily Muslim area) and “burning cars”  – all dead giveaways that they are Muslims. (Barenaked has the story)

The Rape Epidemic, Part of the Jihad, Will No Longer Be Reported When Swedes Are Punished For Complaining:

SafariScreenSnapz031Another Swedish girl brutally and violently gang raped by muslims.

“they were not swedish” she writes. They kicked her in the mouth and sent her to the emergency room.”

The New York Times, Always On The Side Of Evil:

New York Times wrings its hands over NYPD still “singling out” Muslims

“As a former police sergeant who worked with the squad said: ‘We are there to…

7 thoughts on “SWEDEN: More car fires and riots raging in the Muslim suburbs of Stockholm”

  1. My guess is you’re either uninformed or Ja Zionist. My hope is you’re the former as we too are against the Islamism of Europe. It is just important to NEVER FORGET who exactly is behind the immigration and multi-culturalism policies.

    1. Name one Jew who is ‘responsible’ for bringing multiculti to Europe. This is not a place for conspiracy kooks; if you don’t have any substance to prove your statement you will be banned from this blog.

  2. Name one person responible? BARBARA SPECTRE of Paedia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFE0qAiofMQ
    Read the article written by a top political science prof out of Stockholm university.It was translated for people like you,. And banned from your site? Have you not noticed I am the only person who has even bothered commenting on you article? Read the article, watch the video and thn respond. otherwise you’ll just continue to spread disinformation.

    1. BARBARA SPECTRE is a complete and utter nutcase with a following of a handful of equally demented loons. She doesn’t speak for Jews, Zionism or any organisation we should be concerned with.

  3. Poor Nat one of the rare Swedes whose eyes are actually open to the savage Muslims in your country and yet, you’re one of “those” Europeans that believes the Joooz are behind everything.

    How 20th century of you. Sieg Heil!

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