"Unemployment causes terrorism" and Boko Haram are "not Muslim"

Boko Haram not Muslim? Are you stupid?

Yes. Just look how stupid the Kos Kidz really are.

Or how dumb do you have to be to read this stuff from Sohaib Sultan?

Considering the question: “Why aren’t Muslims condemning Boko Haram?”

Audrey Russo

boko har 2Albert Einstein was spot on when he said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Our culture is replete with them…many are deceived because their leaders are either intellectually lazy, disinformed by poor advisers OR are following a perverse agenda.

Any way you slice it, the culture loses…

But does that dissuade the truth-loathers? Not one iota.

This past week, State Dept. spokesman Robert Jackson told a Senate Hearing on Terrorism in Nigeria: “Boko Haram is trying to portray its philosophy as being a Muslim philosophy, and that’s just not accurate.”

 “Poverty Causes Terrorism”

Now here’s a story that would warm the cockles of John Kerry’s heart, and the Klintoons would hum  along in unison:

Pakistan jobless turn to Taliban in Swat

Business and union leaders in the Pakistani region of Swat Valley are warning unemployment could force many jobless people towards joining the Taliban.

The area, which was briefly ruled by the Pakistani wing of the armed group, is struggling to mend its economy after years of conflict.

Government promises to revive industries like silk making with subsidies have failed to materialise.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons reports from Swat Valley.