Anjem Chaudary: "We believe in ­liberating our land"


That’s what he says, but there are already two lies in this one sentence:

All the world and everything in it belongs to allah and the believers.  That’s what ‘liberating our land’ means. ‘Liberating’ means removing ‘man made law’ so that the soldiers of allah can force everyone  to submit to Islamofascism under the sharia. It means forcing the worst form of slavery on a people that ever existed in human history: Islam!

Abu Ala Maududi, the founder of Jamaat-e-Islami, puts it this way in his book, Jihad in Islam:

 ….Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made by man.  Islam doesn’t look for a nation to be in better condition than another nation.  Islam doesn’t care about land or who owns the land.  The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam.


From the Daily Star Sunday   by Esmerelda Weatherwax

WE can today reveal new links between young Muslims fighting for the Isis group and preacher Anjem Choudary. Former followers of the terror sympathiser have been recruited to join the rebels fighting in Syria and Iraq.

Choudary boasted that young men he has taught have joined Isis, an outfit notorious for beheadings, crucifixions and amputations. And the Kent-raised radical says it is “no shame” that extremists based in France, Belgium and even Australia and Indonesia share his dream of a global Islamic state.

We can reveal former members of Choudary-backed groups on the continent, including Sharia4Belgium and Sharia4France, are signing up for jihad after meeting the London cleric.

Last night an unrepentant Choudary, 47, told us: “Although we don’t recruit people to send abroad we are not surprised if they want to go abroad and stand with their Muslim brothers and sisters who are being killed and whose land is being occupied.

“Surely it is a noble thing to want to ­liberate Muslim land? I have no shame whatsoever in saying these people were at times in some way or other affiliated with us.

(Again: all the world is ‘Muslim land’).

“I believe our call is a very pure call. We don’t target anyone ­innocent. We believe in ­liberating our land. In Britain and Europe I think we have the highest profile of any Islamic movement in the last couple of decades. I don’t think it is a surprise. Thousands of people like us have studied with us or been through organisations or bodies that we have been affiliated with over the last couple of decades.”

Sharia4Belgium and Sharia4France sprang up after Choudary established Islam4UK, now banned under anti-terrorism laws. A week ago it was claimed ­Belgium is one of the greatest ­terror threats to Britain – because of fanatics returning from Syria.

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