Did Creste get what he deserves?

Daniel Greenfield

Al Jazeera “Journalists” are Employees of State Sponsored Terror

Al Jazeera employees are being treated like enemy agents because that’s what they are.

6a013487f321e0970c01538dec8e69970bOverthrowing governments on behalf of this guy can end badly… who knew

Too many people have spent the last few years pretending to take Al Jazeera seriously as a media outlet. It’s not. Its employees are no more journalists than those of RT or Xinhua or the Soviet era Pravda.  Al Jazeera is a mouthpiece for Qatar, a tyrannical state that is notorious for sponsoring terrorists and had links to the attacks of September 11. Like the Saudis, Qatar is officially an ally. Unofficially it’s a state sponsor of terror. (Continued below the fold)

Australian journalist Peter Greste jailed for seven years for ‘defaming Egypt’

Cairo: Australian journalist Peter Greste and his two al-Jazeera colleagues have been found guilty by an Egyptian court and sentenced to seven years in prison for producing false news to defame Egypt.

There’s a lot of howling and wingeing going on Dowunder, about Creste, the journalist who was “only doing his job”. But was he? Peter Creste sold his services to al Jazeera, the mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood. That requires a certain mental baggage. If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

r0_0_420_237_w1200_h678_fmaxBut Creste is not necessarily the worst of the lot. I can think of quite a few who would be  more deserving. Bob Carr comes to mind, Juliar G-Lards foreign minister,  who couldn’t run fast enough to Egypt to hand Morsi of the MuBo’s $20 million dollars. Bob Carr  should hang for that. Or at least he should be locked up until the money is repaid.  Unfortunately, they got Peter Creste instead of him. He made his bed, now lie in it.

Egypt court sentences Al Jazeera journalists

Network says jail terms for Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed defy “logic, sense, and semblance of justice”.

Two Al Jazeera English journalists have been sentenced to seven years in jail and one to 10 years by an Egyptian court on charges including aiding the Muslim Brotherhood and reporting false news.


The guilty verdicts were announced by a judge on Monday against Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy, and Baher Mohamed.

Greste and Fahmy were sentenced to seven years in prison, while Baher Mohamed was sentenced to an additional three years for possession of ammunition. Mohamed was in possession of a spent bullet casing he had found on the ground during a protest.

Other Al Jazeera journalists who were tried in absentia, including Sue Turton and Dominic Kane, were sentenced to 10 years.

Al Jazeera has strenuously rejected the charges against its journalists and maintains their innocence.

Greste, Fahmy, and Mohamed were arrested in December in Cairo as they covered the aftermath of the army’s removal of Mohamed Morsi from the presidency in July.

The prosecution said Greste, Al Jazeera’s East Africa correspondent, and his Egypt bureau colleagues aided the Brotherhood and produced false news reports of the situation in Egypt.

The Brotherhood, which supported Morsi, was listed as a “terrorist” organisation by the interim Egyptian government shortly before the accused were arrested.

The prosecution produced a number of items as evidence including a BBC podcast, a news report made while none of the accused were in Egypt, a pop video by the Australian singer Gotye, and several recordings on non-Egyptian issues.

The defence maintained that the journalists were wrongly arrested and that the prosecution had failed to prove any of the charges against them.

‘Absurd allegations’

Al Anstey, Al Jazeera English managing director, said the verdicts defied “logic, sense, and any semblance of justice”.

“Today three colleagues and friends were sentenced, and will continue to be kept behind bars for doing a brilliant job of being great journalists. ‘Guilty’ of covering stories with great skill and integrity. ‘Guilty’ of defending people’s right to know what is going on in their world,” Anstey said in a statement.

Peter, Mohamed, and Baher and six of our other colleagues were sentenced despite the fact that not a shred of evidence was found to support the extraordinary and false charges against them.  At no point during the long drawn out ‘trial’ did the absurd allegations stand up to scrutiny.

“There is only one sensible outcome now – for the verdict to be overturned, and justice to be recognised by Egypt.”

Continued, by Daniel Greenfield:

In Egypt, Qatar helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over and cut all sorts of dirty deals with Morsi meant to turn Egypt into a puppet of the Al-Thanis. Al Jazeera was a key player in both the overthrow of the Egyptian government and in protecting the Morsi regime.

Yusuf Al-Qaradawi the Brotherhood’s homicidal preacher, appears on Al Jazeera from his hole in Qatar, delivering increasingly deranged rants.

So yes, to no one’s surprise, the new Egyptian government has thrown the book at Al Jazeera. Their employees are not journalists and anyone calling them that is being willfully dishonest.

Al Jazeera is not a media outlet. It’s a projection of state power by Qatar. If you participate in a political takeover of one country by another, you can expect to suffer the consequences if you’re stupid enough to stick around when the Egyptians take back their country.

There’s a vast gulf of difference between a CNN reporter and an Al Jazeera reporter. CNN doesn’t work for the US government.

Al Jazeera employees are agents of a hostile regime. They’re being treated like enemy agents because that’s what they are.

The new Egyptian government is not remotely tolerant of dissent, but neither was the Morsi regime that Al Jazeera fought to protect.

There is no reason whatsoever to have sympathy for advocates of one totalitarian regime being persecuted by another.