Fibbi Hooper sounds as if it wasn't true….


Soros sponsored Media Matters brings on CAIR agitprop Linda Sarsour to trip up Brigitte Gabriel with the old claptrap about Muslim ‘responders”

“There were Muslim responders,” Sarsour reminded Gabriel. “75 Muslims died in 9/11, including a first responder…To alienate the Muslim community, create them as the other, and to start making over-exaggerations about these potential attacks that haven’t happened is not the way that you combat terrorism in any country.”  Watch the clip here, via CNN

Burqa ban at Luxembourg public schools

It is outrageous that the freedom sack was even allowed. But not to worry,  hedjabbery continues:

Education Minister Claude Meisch on Friday announced that girls at Luxembourg schools will no longer be allowed to cover their faces with a veil, as part of a series of measures to ensure the neutrality of schools in a multi-faith environment.

278b54b72d0864d7a8dc95a690511dbcThe ban affects only veils which cover up a student’s face and hide their identity, Meisch explained. Headscarves remain allowed.


Fibbi Hooper makes it sound as if it wasn’t true….

Arab Muslim culture is devoid of any redeeming qualities and is represented by terrorists, murderous children, rapists, corrupt billionaires, and powerless female victims,” Ibrahim Hooper, National Communications Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said in a statement obtained by … ‘Tyrant’ stereotyping worries US Muslims

No balls or just complicit?

France, you can have your Muslims!

“We will always have, a non-discriminatory immigration policy,”– Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Column – Islamic immigration exposes us to dangerAndrew Bolt

WHO let these jihadists into our country? Must we run this danger, just to boast our immigration system isn’t racist?

“We will always have, a non-discriminatory immigration policy,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared three years ago.

Admirable in principle. But how wise in this Age of Terror?

Consider. More than 150 Australians, many of Lebanese descent, have joined jihadists fighting in Iraq and Syria, and will pose a danger to us on their return.

One, Khaled Sharrouf, lived on a disability pension in Sydney but was last week pictured apparently in Iraq, waving the flag of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, whose Sunni jihadists are shooting and beheading countless unarmed Shia Iraqis.

In another Facebook photo, believed posted by fellow Australian jihadist Mohamed Elomar, Sharrouf poses with a gun next to slaughtered Iraqi civilians.

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