Finally: Australia drops the word "occupied" from references to East Jerusalem

Some good news:

At long last, the Australian government will no longer refer to Eastern Jerusalem as “occupied”

The Times of Israel reports that Attorney General George Brandis said that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop believes that using the word “occupied” is judgemental and hinders dialogue over the contested area.

Speaking to the Australian Senate, Brandis said: “The description of East Jerusalem as ‘occupied’ East Jerusalem is a term freighted with pejorative implications which is neither appropriate nor useful.– More here. (thanks to the Tundra Tabloids)

Jews in panic over  Euro ‘right wingers?’

Jews In Panic Over Victories Of European Right-Wing, Want To Ally With Muslims

 Posted by Anders Nyström
I just happened to stumble upon a very interesting article in the Jerusalem Post which tells quite a lot about the attitude of Jews towards the recent victories of the Front National and other Right-Wing parties in Europe, and I must add that I simply cannot get over my amazement when I read things like the following:
Some Jewish leaders see a silver living in the election results, however, postulating that the rise of the far right may catalyze European Jews and Muslims to WORK TOGETHER.
Imam Ahmed Miktar, president of the Association of the Imams of France and a member of the GEMJL, agreed, stating that to succeed in protecting the rights of religious minorities, “we must learn to work together effectively on the both grass roots and leadership levels. Muslims and Jews. Our communities can no longer afford the luxury of standing apart.
So what is all about now? Does this mean that Jews want to ally with Mohammed Merahs and people like those who killed Ilan Halimi? Are Jews really so stuck in their incurable paranoia regarding the right-wing than they simply cannot realize that they may be heading towards a horror worse than anything else they have experienced so far?
Here is another interesting paragraph:
Benjamin Albalas, the head of the Central Board of Greek Jewish Communities, also warned of the results, envisaging the specter of the pre-Holocaust surge in European anti-Semitism.
He is right. A pre-Holocaust spectre is indeed looming over Europe. But the problem is that they want to ally with the very community which wants to start this new holocaust.
Jews may have the highest IQ among men, as they proudly proclaim, but I wonder what use they can make of it if they suffer from this colossal mental disorder and suicidal lunacy. The second though which arises in one’s mind is, however, that people simply cannot be so dumb. Something must lie behind this apparently lunatic and irrational behavior, for allegedly so intelligent people simply cannot behave this way. It would be contrary to any logic. And of course, here is where conspiracy theories start thriving and nourishing real antisemitic tendencies among Europeans. A Jewish-Muslim conspiracy to destroy the European peoples? Does anybody have other bets?
“…may catalyze European Jews and Muslims to work together”.
I’m sorry, but a rational mind simply cannot understand this Jewish lunacy in light of the overwhelming Muslim antisemitism which has for years been unfolding in Europe. This is pure and simple madness, a collective paranoia… or history’s most hideous and criminal conspiracy.
I recommend everybody to read the article and draw one’s own conclusions.

2 thoughts on “Finally: Australia drops the word "occupied" from references to East Jerusalem”

  1. Dhimmitude.

    Where is the person who will translate Rev Dr Mark Durie’s “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom” into, inter alia, French, German, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic (as spoken by some Arabised Christians inside Israel) and…Hebrew?

    Not to mention his “Revelation? Do We Worship the Same God? Jesus, God, Holy Spirit in Christianity and Islam”, because a great deal of that excellent little book shows how the character of the *Biblical* God – that is, the God who is described in the TaNaKh – is radically different from (even antithetical to) the “god” of Islam. Both Jews and Christians need that book in order to get their heads straight about Islam. Islam claims to be their long-lost cousin, but it ain’t – it ‘s a dangerous conman, indeed a psycho serial killer, that *pretends* to be kin, in order to get a foot inside the door.

  2. 1. “At long last, the Australian government will no longer refer to Eastern Jerusalem as “occupied”

    I am proud of our new Attorney General George Brandis and our new Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Both have courage, integrity and an elegant intelligence. The same can, unfortunately, not be said of the Shadow Attorney General – of whom I had expected better since he is Jewish.

    2. About the person who is surprised that Jewish people should prefer muslims over, say a Geert Wilders and a Marine LePen: Unfortunately, some of those dhimmy idiots are of “The Left” first, and “Jewish” only second.

    3. Rev Dr Mark Durie’s “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom” = <— This man of the Church is one I admire: he is one of the very few who are not cowardly towards islam. I wouldn't mind translating his book. And if you ever have the chance to listen to one of his lectures – take it.

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