How did these killers get into our country?

Andrew Bolt

Who let these terrorists into our country?
imageWho let their families into our country, and how did they get out again?

AUSTRALIAN jihadists fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham are carrying out massacres of captured Iraqi prisoners and participating in some of the most gruesome war crimes committed during the two-week-old Iraq insurgency.

Convicted terrorist Khaled Sharrouf is among a handful of Australian jihadists believed to have carried out bloody, battlefield executions…

Highly graphic images of the executions have emerged on social media. The Weekend Australian has verified those images.

They show Sharrouf holding a pistol and leaning over the corpse of an Iraqi man who has been executed.

The victim — dressed in civilian, not military, clothing — has died from a massive head wound, far too graphic to reproduce.

The dead bodies of other men, also clad in civilian clothing, lie around the former Sydney man…

Sharrouf and fellow Australian radical Mohamed Elomar, also fighting with ISIS, are understood to have executed several captured Iraqis….

The image of Sharrouf was posted on Facebook by an Australian using the name Abu Hafs, a nom de guerre used by Elomar…

Sharrouf, who served three years and 11 months over his role in the 2005 Pendennis terror plot, left Australia illegally last year, flying out of Sydney Airport on his brother’s passport.

Elomar’s brother, former boxing champion Ahmed Elomar — who in 2009 was arrested in Lebanon for alleged terror links before being released without charge — was jailed this week for assaulting a policeman during the 2012 Hyde Park riot.

Their uncle, also named Mohamed Elomar, was one of the ringleaders of the 2005 Pendennis terror conspiracy.

Elomar Sr was also jailed over the plot.

Surely this has implications for our immigration intake.

You wish.

A Griffith University study of 21 convicted terrorists in Australia – including Khaled Sharrouf, of a Lebanese family, and the Lebanese-born Mohammed Ali Elomar – found at least 11 were born in Lebanon or of Lebanese parents:

Age and gender. The ages of the 21 convicted terrorists range from 20 years to 47 years old at the time of their involvement in the events that led to their conviction….

While all of the twenty-one are Australian citizens, only nine were born in Australia: seven to Lebanese immigrant parents, one to Australian parents and one to an Australian mother and Indonesian father. The country of birth was unavailable in the data for three of the men. Four were born in Lebanon, and the remaining in Pakistan, Algeria, former Yugoslavia, Bangladesh and the UK. Those born overseas moved to Australia either as a very young child with their parents (n=3) or in their twenties (n=4). Thus, only four are known to have grown up outside Australia.

The ideology we confront:

Judge Whealy (R. v. Elomar & Ors.) summed this up very clearly with regards the beliefs of the five people convicted of terrorist offences in NSW. He stated that they all shared the following beliefs:

“First, each was driven by the concept that the world was, in essence, divided between those who adhered strictly and fundamentally to a rigid concept of the Muslim faith, indeed, a medieval view of it, and to those who did not. Secondly, each was driven by the conviction that Islam throughout the world was under attack, particularly at the hands of the United States and its allies. In this context, Australia was plainly included. Thirdly, each offender was convinced that his obligation as a devout Muslim was to come to the defence of Islam and other Muslims overseas. Fourthly, it was the duty of each individual offender, indeed a religious obligation, to respond to the worldwide situation by preparing for violent jihad in this country, here in Australia.”

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