Italy rescues another 4000 African "immigrants" from… what exactly?

Al Jizz reports only 2500, but earlier today  Italian news  reported over 4000 new arrivals.

Italy has rescued more than 2,500 men, women and children from overcrowded boats in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily in under 24 hours, the navy said, with good weather favouring departures from North Africa.

201466115411998580_20Italian navy and coastguard ships monitoring the waters off the Libyan and Tunisian coasts have gone to the aid of 17 different boats in the past day, the navy said in a statement on Friday.

Italy set up Europe’s biggest-ever search and rescue mission – called Mare Nostrum or “Our Sea” – almost eight months ago after 366 migrants fleeing African countries drowned when their boat capsized a mile from Sicily.

The Mare Nostrum flagship, the San Giorgio, took aboard 998 migrants, including 214 women and 157 children, from five different vessels, and all five navy vessels deployed for the mission have carried out rescues in the past 24 hours, the navy said in a statement.

“The improving weather and sea conditions have favoured the departures,” the coastguard said in a separate statement.

Meanwhile, in Hamburg, African cultural enrichers are fighting battles with the police

hamburgThey blame the Germans for their lot;  demand free housing, food, healthcare etc, they terrorise the population with knifes,  and demand the right to stay. Supported by the Anarcho-scene,  these invaders fight running battles with the police….  (PI)

Cecilia’s Master Plan

There is no plan, but there is nothing Cecilia Malmstroem can’t fix with other peoples money:


EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has presented a master plan intended to prevent  tragedies …

But her master plan doesn’t address the catastrophe  of allowing tens of millions of muslims to settle in the dar al-harb, behind what they perceive to be enemy lines…

‘Europe has failed spectacularly’

Importing fifty million muselmanic invaders is a spectacular failure indeed.

The first Syrian refugees to come through the resettlement program have already arrived in Sweden and Germany. Through that program, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is expecting to arrange around 10,000 refugee relocations, with more to follow…

Cadbury Jihad

 The discovery of pork DNA in Cadbury hazel nut and roasted almond bars last week provoked a storm in Malaysia with Muslim groups accusing the company of “betrayal” and calling for a Jihad (holy war) to be waged against “Cadbury’s Malaysia”, an importer and British multinational owned by “Mondelez International”. (Pickeringpost)

Islam continues to spread its influence world-wide, it seems the hard-line Saudis are also behind the proliferation of mosques across Australia. One of which is the proposed Bendigo mega mosque.

Mosque promoters, The Islamic Association’s web page is being administered from Saudi Arabia. The site is and it solicits donations, however the location of the administrator is listed as Madinah al-Munawarrah (Medina) in Saudi Arabia. Why would a site purporting to be “Aussie Muslims” be run out of Saudi Arabia?

In recent years Saudi Arabia has been pouring money into Australia to establish mosques and Islamic schools. There are reported to be current applications for mosque approvals in 17 major centres across Australia from Horsham to Cairns. 

It is widely suspected funds are also being utilised from the Halal Certification protection racket being run in Australia out of Indonesia. This blatant blackmail and extortion racket operating on our food chains has the Federal Government’s approval in the name of “cultural acceptance”.

Bendigo Bank, which was once a boutique alternative to the four majors, is now number five with a sensitive nose for petro dollars.

It has joined with other banks to become a major player in the pursuit of mosque proliferation.

The proposed Bendigo mega mosque is set to destroy the iconic city as a showcase of Australia’s gold rich heritage.