Malaysia: "we'll chop off heads of those who insult Islam' tarnishes the image of Islam…."

“It is better they get lost, better they die, better they don’t live in this country than be a disease, a virus and a parasite on our religion, race and country,” —Now that is a strong statement full of racism, hate speech and… Kufarphobia in modern, moderate Malaysia. …See More

The Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, said that the threat made by Perkasa is not beneficial, and in fact, it gives a negative perception of Islam, which emphasises brotherhood, justice, harmony, mutual respect and prudence. …  More on allah’s bullshitting headchoppers at Malaysian Digest

“Unite in defending the word Allah. Fight to the last drop of blood.” – PAMELA GELLER, ATLAS SHRUGS

RuslanKassim-630x300Syed Hassan was responding to NUCC committee on law and policy deputy chairperson Lim Chee Wee who said Perkasa’s recent threat to behead those who “insult” Islam would be punishable under NUCC’s proposed Racial and Religious Hate Crime Bill. …

More on allah’s evil axemen at Malaysia Chronicle

A Perkasa leader has threatened to “chop the heads off” those who “ridicule” Islam and the Selangor sultan. …

PERKASA mahu pancung pengkhianat Sultan Selangor

More head-chopping at malaysiakini thanks to Mullah, pbuh

In other news:

Its Official: “Allah” is Not GOD; ‘Allah’ For Muslims Only”

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia’s top court ruled Monday that non-Muslims cannot use the word “Allah” to refer to God, delivering the final word on a contentious debate that has reinforced complaints that religious minorities are treated unfairly in the Muslim-majority country.

The Persecution of Hindus in Pakistan  (Molschky)

“The ‘Land of the Pure’ is one of the worst countries on Earth, an embarrassment to humanity, and it is little surprise to hear of Hindus desperately trying to escape.”

CAIR’s Grievance of the Week

 CAIR-LA Holds News Conference with Med Student on No-Fly List Detained in Bangkok

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  1. Someone ask “our leaders” why, if encouraging muslim immigration is so harmless and beneficial to our countries, does Pakistan exist at all? After being slaughtered for centuries, weren’t the peaceful Hindus accomodating enough?

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