Michael Coren takes a closer look at the Koran

Islam. What is it exactly? if we can’t know what it is, can we know what it does?

Michael Coren does readings from Koran

What’s ‘racist’ about not wanting jihad in Australia?

This holy war cry is a wake-up call

Andrew Bolt

….how should Australia respond?

The Prime Minister says he’ll detain returning jihadists, but surely restricting Muslim immigration would give us fewer to monitor. That will seem racist, but if Islamic leaders can’t stamp out jihadism we may have to defend ourselves as best we can.More common sense at Herald Sun

All Pond Scum.  Their squabbles make no difference to us:

Obama: “Michelle would make a great presidential candidate, too”

Mr Nobel Peace Prize knows how to hate – and is hated right back by the Klintoons…

ATTORNEY: IRS Has Email Servers in 3 US Locations & Has Outside Contractor Storing Emails (GWP)

This completely discredits the IRS’s latest talking points that Lois Lerner’s emails were lost in a single computer crash.

Polish Foreign Minister: Country’s Relationship With US “Isn’t Worth Anything”

That’s because the usurper in the white house  has no values, no morals and no conscience:

A Polish magazine said Sunday it has obtained recordings of a conversation in which Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski says the country’s strong alliance with the U.S. “isn’t worth anything” and is “even harmful because it creates a false sense of security.”

2 thoughts on “Michael Coren takes a closer look at the Koran”

  1. Andrew Bolt wrote about “This holy war cry is a wake-up call”

    Andrew said in the article – “That will seem racist, but if Islamic leaders can’t stamp out jihadism we may have to defend ourselves as best we can.

    Andrew – islamic leaders are the organisers of the Jihad.
    – it is in their list of required duties – and is NOT negotiable.
    – if islamic leaders do not organise the appropriate amount of Jihad they are replaced.
    – this is one reason (for example) there are so many young Imams.
    – Also all Muhammadans are Commanded in the Qur’an to lie to non-Muhammadans if it furthers the aims of islam – period.

    So we are left with your closing words (albeit slightly modified) – “we WILL have to defend ourselves as best we can” – to the Muhammadans total death.
    Much better to Expel or “Expel” all Muhammadans now – irrespective of “having” Australian citizenship !!!!!
    A Muhammadan has only one loyalty – islam – why do they keep going overseas to Jihad !

    And as Brigitte Gabriel a Panel Member on “The Heritage event on Benghazi” said to that (still free? – and still an American Citizen?) Muhammadan female Jihadist – Saba AHMED ….
    It is the Radicals that kill.
    The “Peaceful Majority” are irrelevant !
    – (however – no Muhammadan is “Peaceful – their “ideology” does not permit it)
    It is time we take Political Correctness and throw it (incuding Saba AHMED and “hers”) in the garbage where it belongs …..

  2. Curiously, I couldn’t find anything on Saba Ahmed when I followed Brigitte’s suggestion to google what she does….

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