Milk & Honey Terror

‘Striking terror in the hearts of the enemy’ — straight out of Koran, sira and hadith.  Don’t accuse these Islamic savages of being ignorant; they understand their religion very well:

Objective achieved: praying in fear after Kenya church attacks

Suspected revenge attacks on churches in Garissa near the Somali border have kept fearful Christians at home.

“Before the attack we used to get more than 200 worshippers every Sunday, now we don’t get half of that. Many of our members were effected during the attack. Many ran away and never came back,” the soft-spoken pastor said.


No U.S. Consular Service for Meriam (FrontPage Magazine)

The U.S. State Department is trying to stay neutral in the Sudan.

Kidnapping is unIslamic:

Milk & Honey Terror

‘Positive Attitude’ Makes Gitmo Prisoners Eligible for Release…

Thousands of migrants rescued off Italy

Again: who will rescue the Italians from these invaders?

Over a thousand people rescued off the island of Lampedusa in the second such operation in two days.

This commenter on al Jizz has the right idea:

The best solution would be to just ship all the migrants to Qatar…drop them off in front of Aljazeera headquarters.

What Happened to Marine Deserter Wassef Ali Hassoun? 

A terrorist sympathizer with military training is on the run. (by )

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