“People have to understand that Australia is not an Islamic country.”

Now who would have a problem with that statement?

The statement above came from former Fairfax (Queensland) One Nation candidate Mike Holt, who is married to a Thai and has two young children. Holt is rallying support against the Bendigo mosque through his Restore Australia and Islam4Infidels websites.

Bendigo Mayor Barry Lyons said Mr Holt’s extremist views were not welcome.

Cr Lyons seems to be quite a fruit loop:

Cr Lyons said regrettably it appeared that groups from outside Bendigo were attempting to use this fear to propagate hate.

“No one has the right to deny any person of any religion a place to worship based on prejudice…”

The Bendigo council received 432 objections to the construction of the mosque, the majority relating to concerns over the influence of Islam, the threat of terrorism, the introduction of Sharia Law, and the dilution of Christian values.

About 40 submissions of support were received.

Objectors say they will appeal against the decision in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Me thinks Bendigo needs a new mayor.



One thought on ““People have to understand that Australia is not an Islamic country.””

  1. Well done. Very funny. That is one of the reasons I don’t like Islam – they can’t have a laugh at themselves. They desperately need to. Maybe then there would be less suicide bombers.

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