Ramadan: Nothing to celebrate for non-Muslims

Regardless, our polit-clowns bow and scrape enough to show their submission:

Ramadan message

P [From the Rt. Hon. Julie Bishop]

Media release: In Australia, this month is an opportunity for us to honour the important contribution our Muslim brothers and sisters make to our nation. Muslim Australians have helped build a more diverse, more productive and more prosperous country for us all….See More

“I want to send my very best wishes to everyone observing the holy month of Ramadan. This is an incredibly special time of year for Muslims at home and abroad…

10435932_715797185154710_5379664291328395144_nSo today (Sunday 29 June) the Moslem month of Ramadan starts. But what is ‘holy’ about this month? Moslems believe it is the month in which Mohammed had his first revelation. Nothing to celebrate for non-Muslims.

Observance began in the second year after the hijra (ca 624AD). Orthodox Moslems will not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset – and gorge and fill up while the sun is down.

The killing goes on as usual, often even more intense. Every year our friends over at TROP put up a “Ramadan Bombathon” score card. Stop by and see how the ‘holy’ month progresses.

Regardless, dhimmitude will be enforced:

Soddy Barbaria will deport those who will eat, drink or smoke during Ramadan

“Those who violate the regulations will be deported or sacked…”

They are not excused for being non-Muslim,” it said, adding that “anyone living in this country should follow the laws of the Kingdom. (eye on the world)

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  1. Yeah, Yahoo had an article yesterday about the five things we “should” know about Ramadan. I and many other basically told them to kiss our collective asses. Yahoo is a completely dhimmi website.

  2. And, oh, I do love the Ramadan Bomb-A-Thon scorecard. I smear it in liberal faces every day.

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