Saudi Savage smashes Buddhist statues in Tokyo

Emulating Muhammad. Mohammedan savages destroy churches, temples, crosses, statues and artworks in Europe in the tens of millions of dollars annually, all covered up by EUrabian dhimmies. A Koranimal who tried to smash a Buddha at the Erawan intersection in Bangkok 10 years ago was quickly put out of business by vigilant Buddhists; they killed him dead. We will see more and more of this, since Muslims are programmed to smash the idols of the unbelievers.

Japan: Saudi Arabian vandalizes temple statues (thanks to Vlad Tepes)

A Saudi Arabian man has been arrested for vandalizing Buddhist statues at a temple in downtown Tokyo. Police say they received an emergency call about a foreigner behaved violently at the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Taito Ward at around midnight on Wednesday.

They say officers who rushed to the scene found 4 Buddhist statues lying broken on the ground. Police say they questioned a 31-year-old Saudi Arabian graduate school student nearby, and the man admitted that he had destroyed the statues.

In other news:

Charges against Paul Weston for quoting Winston Churchill in public are now dropped. (Gates of Vienna) 


4 thoughts on “Saudi Savage smashes Buddhist statues in Tokyo”

  1. If the Japanese are smart, they will deport the b*st*rd right now, back to Saudi Arabia; evict all identifiable Mohammedans currently present in their country; and then put a total ban on the entry to their country, henceforward, of *any* identifiable mohammedan. They should also warn all Japanese – especially girls – who go to study in other countries, against getting involved with Mohammedans; I am reliably informed that Muslims in places like Australia are targeting Japanese students (here studying English, etc) with a view to what one might call “marriage jihad”, marrying them so that they (the Muslims) can get into Japan on the basis of the marriage.

  2. @dumbledoresarmy

    Why do muslim men want to get into Japan so badly? Just curious.

    In a parallel story, I can tell you that at Italian universities (towns) that muslim men are deliberately targeting overseas students from the US and the like, posing as Italian men as many of the girls are too inexperienced in the language and many also lack the worldliness to know facial recognition that can reflect ethnic identity to discern evidence of dishonesty.

    An acquaintance, who had spent a year studying in a Italian university had such an experience and it took her mate a year to discover the man she was dating, who she thought was Italian (and claimed to be Italian) was actually Albanian, both girls later found that muslims claiming to be Italian was a common scam in the university town.

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