Should Australia Offer Phoney Asylum Seekers Money To Go Home?

Go-away money offered

Andrew Bolt:

A tempting incentive, particularly for those who came for the money – not the safety:

The Abbott government is offering asylum seekers up to $10,000 – a five-fold increase – to leave detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru and return to their countries of origin…

Lebanese asylum seekers are offered $10,000 to voluntarily return to Lebanon. Iranians are offered $7000, Afghans $4000 and Nepalese, Burmese and Sudanese asylum seekers are all offered $3300…

The price increase is a departure from the Labor government’s return policy, which offered asylum seekers an average $1500 to $2000 in May last year.

Australia to stop “killer” jihadists who “hate our way of life” from returningAustralia to stop “killer” jihadists who “hate our way of life” from returning

Wish it were true:

This is a refreshing common sense move. Why have the governments of Europe and North America done the same thing? Probably they are afraid it would be “Islamophobic.” “Australia to stop ‘killer’ jihadists returning,” AFP, June 21, 2014 (thanks to Kenneth): SYDNEY — Australian jihadists fighting overseas who are “trained killers” and “hate our way [ / Comments]Continue Reading »

Jerusalem brings out the Jew haters Dowunder:

 A people’s revo­lution is required!

One thought on “Should Australia Offer Phoney Asylum Seekers Money To Go Home?”

  1. How is it possible for them to be considered refugees in the first place – if it is quite OK for them to return safely to the place they are fleeing from (now loaded up with cash)? When they get back to wherever they came from, they’ll be able to sit indolently in their coffee shops, bagging Australia and laughing at our stupidity once again.

    This policy is of course going to open up a new wave of attempts to flood Australia with economic migrants.

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