“We don’t need informants, come to us!”

Yeees, that’ll work. Having the fox watch over the chicken-coop is a splendid idea.

Welcome to Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Islamic Republic of New Yorkistan

NYPD To Distribute Detailed Guide To Help Officers Understand The 5 Pillars Of Islam. (Can’t you just smell the stench of  CAIR terrorists here?)

During a brief question and answer session, one Muslim leader pleaded with Bratton to go to the leaders when there are problems rather than using spies. “We don’t need informants,” Adebola Sanusi, deputy Imam from Masjid Rahmatillah in Staten Island, said. “Come to us.”  (BNI)


CNN Propagandist Fareed Zakaria Compares Shiite Terrorist Militia to Tea Party (GWP)

That’s what happens when you allow Muslim agitprops in positions of influence. This is Obama’s boy. Just to be ‘fair’,  Al BeBeBeeCeera also has a Mohammedan religious director.  This is galloping sharia.

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, June 30, 2014

CNN crank Fareed Zakaria compared the Shiite terrorist militia led by Muqtada al-Sadr to the Tea Party.
Via Real Clear Politics:

So why in the world is Maliki flatly refusing to do this? Partly is because he’s a hard line Shiite politician himself whose party draws its support from the Shiites who are not particularly well disposed to the notion of being nice to the Sunnis, their former overlords. But it’s probably at least as much because Maliki needs to worry about radical Shiites as much as radical Sunnis. You see, he has his own tea party, and this one has an army of its own.

Wow! Unreal.