We have met the enemy and he is us…

That header is from a Robert Spencer blog entry. Here is the video and transcript of his address at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2014 Texas Weekend.

But this post is about a Guardian article by a Michael Safi in Bendigo, who spells Islamophobia with ‘a’ and sees nothing but racist rednecks behind every bush. Like minded Moonbats hasten to sing along in the comments:

Battle over Bendigo: fear and bruised feelings in city that said yes to a mosque


How did a local planning decision catapult the Victorian town into the heart of the debate over Islamaphobia in Australia?

For some in the town, certainly, this would not be enough; they simply do not want Muslims in Bendigo.

The fear and loathing appears to have been fanned by a bevy of outside groups, eager to turn Bendigo into a beachhead for a broader struggle against what they perceive as a conquest of Australia by Islam.

One of these is the Q Society, an “Islam-critical” lobby group from Melbourne, who earlier this year held a conference on “Islam and liberty”, attended by some Bendigo residents keen to fight the mosque.

There they met Gavin Boby, a British lawyer known as the “mosque-buster”, who boasts of having used planning regulations to block up to 17 mosque applications in the United Kingdom.


Michael Safi blames ‘out of town rednecks’ for sticking a pin in his multiculti bubble. He is barking up the wrong tree. Here’s a letter to Jewish News to set the record straight:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Do Colin Rubinstein, Dvir Abrahamovich and Nina Bassat understand this mosque project is not driven by locals but Australian Islamic Mission (AIM) – formerly known as Jammat Daahwa Islamia. AIM is headquartered in Punchbowl, Sydney. These are anything but locals.

Do these three ‘communal leaders’ realise AIM, through it’s president Bashar Al Jamal, is connected to ‘Human Appeal International’ (HAI)?

Do they understand who or what HAI is? If not, perhaps a look at item 27 on the attached listing of organisations banned by the Israeli government will give them an indication.

Is this the “local Muslim community” these self-appointed Jewish community leaders support?

Blowing kisses to the crocodile does not mean it will eat them last.

And please, do remind your readers again which race Islam is. Otherwise they may not understand how your Adam Kamien can refer to criticism of an inappropriate mega mosque as a ‘racist’ campaign.

Kind Regards

(Name withheld.)


Guardian commenters are dense. Some blame the Catholics. Read it and weep.

If you can’t  get enough of leftist morons  who scribble for the Guardian, there is always Anthony Loewenstein, who’s made a career out of brown-nosing Muslims. At the moment, he seems to crawl around Greece, where they know how to treat grown men who wear diapers: