When they call your children 'racist' because you're objecting to a mosque in your neighbourhood…

The Terror To Whack Your Children Into Dhimmitude

CHILDREN called “RACISTS” at school (Please Share)

Children of two Bendigo residents featured in the local paper attending last Wednesday’s Council meeting are now being called “Racists” at school.

This behaviour happens if teachers or school Principals side with the media’s “racists” taunt through writing letters to the Editor or by being interviewed by local media on the matter.

Schools are here to be law-abiding and to protect our children. As Australians the right to OBJECT to a planning application is written into the laws of our land. If our society chooses to make an exception to our right to object to the planning application of a mosque then change the law…don’t pick on the children.


Monstrous Chutzpah by Our Mohammedan Invaders

Islam and a recklessly irresponsible and agenda driven media bring you: Antics of muslims 

Posted on June 26, 2014 by Eeyore

Thanks to the lame stream media’s failure to report on Islamic horror and murder of Buddhists and Hindus in Sri Lanka and elsewhere, Mohammedans are now staging protests pretending to be the victims of what is in fact, self defense against them by those they have attacked, raped, murdered and harassed for years. Let’s start in Toronto:

The ‘never again’ genocide sign is not funny. These turds  hijacked the issue of the genocide of the Jews, in which Mohammedans played no small part.

Here’s another vid from New York:

The Left is willfully, maliciously, blind.

From Blazing Cat Fur:

I do not believe that the Left’s tolerance of  the intolerable in Islam stems from an ideological requirement to protect the vulnerable, rather it arises the Left’s and Islam’s shared hatred of Christianity and Western Civilisation.