Who is the Leader of the Muslim Peace Movement?

Sounds more like a da’awa rally:

Thousands of British Muslims are gathering in Surrey this weekend at a mass peace rally aimed at rejecting religious extremism.

Some 5,000 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), the largest Muslim youth group in the UK, will take part in the annual event in Tilford and engage in dialogue aimed at promoting peace and religious tolerance.


Is Peter Osborne sick in the head?

He certainly sounds like it:

The so-called “Trojan horse” controversy concerning an alleged Muslim takeover of Birmingham schools

Many people have come to regard Muslims as a backward group of religious extremists estranged from wider society and incapable of coming to terms with what it means to be British. This impression has been heightened by misleading press reporting and inflammatory statements from senior politicians.

‘I was a convert jihadist for al-Qaida… then I went undercover for MI5’

Ginger-haired and bearded Murad al-Denmarki claims to have sworn allegiance to leader Nasir al-Wuhayshi and worked side-by-side with dangerous men armed with AK47s and Kalashnikovs. He was “utterly absorbed” by the teachings of Prophet Muhammed. Then he eat a bacon sandwich and converted back:  A CONVERT jihadist who lived five whole years with al-Qaida has shockingly unmasked himself as a secret MI5 double-agent.

53a5af2bedd51_morten_stormAfter ordering a beer and bacon sandwich, he decided he no longer wanted to be a Muslim and promised to go undercover to spill the secrets of al-Qaida.

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