Why wait for 72 virgins when you can have some here and now?

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Al Qaeda Recruits Gave Little Girls as “Gifts” to Terrorists

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 21, 2014 In The Point /Comments

muslim-marriageWhat do you get the Al Qaeda terrorist who has all the RPGs and WMDs he can use? In Islam the answer is obvious.

“One of the forms of this violence is the forced marriage of up to 100 girls in the province of Abyan, attended by the heads and fighters of Ansar A Al Sharia,” the UN agency said, using a front name adopted by Al Qaida loyalists.

“Seven cases of forced marriage involving girls under 13 have been verified,” Unicef said.

In addition to that, “two girls were given as a gift” to members of the network by their brothers who had just joined the organisation.

Most of the girls married off to Al Qaida fighters were abandoned by their husbands when the army retook the area in June 2012, the report said.

Some of them had given birth, the report added.

And since we’re talking about Jihadists, it wasn’t just girls.

The United Nations children’s agency accused Yemen’s Al Qaida affiliate of sexually exploiting children, pointing to incidents in the south in 2012 in a report published Tuesday.

Both girls and boys had been “exposed to sexual violence in conflict situations in Yemen,” the report said.

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  1. Im afraid in some cases drugs have made young women into mindless twits. they also have lived with civilized males for so long they don’t understand or acknowledge even the existence of savages. their learning curve better shoot up quickly.

  2. Regarding ….
    The latest offerings from the Religion of Peace:

    Articles & Commentary

    All Muslims are Bad? (Right Scoop)
    (Video) Pretending that an attack on Islam is an attack on Muslims is not the best thing to do if you’re around Brigitte Gabriel.

    An Overview to ….
    The Heritage event on Benghazi Panel member – Brigitte Gabriel
    Responding to the Muhammadan Female – Saba AHMED ….

    It is the Radicals that kill.
    The “Peaceful Majority” are irrelevant !
    It is time we take Political Correctness and throw it in the garbage where it belongs

    The Best Question to the Muhammadan Female – Saba AHMED
    Who the head of the “Muslim Peace Movement” is?

    By The Right Scoop
    …. the best answer I’ve ever heard to the ‘peaceful Muslims’ question.

  3. And just in case you missed the posts in Fear and loathing in Bendigo over multi-million dollar mosque by ….
    Urban11 and BayouCoyote

    BayouCoyote links to the expose of THAT Muhammadan female Saba AHMED for the snivelling little Muhammadan Jihadist she is.

    The non-Muhammadans are exposing the Treason and Sedition by these ghoul Muhammadans and the lying by Ommission that the Muhammadans (eg CAIR) practice – where they quote a Peaceful verse from the Qur’an but ommit that this verse has been abrogated by a later Violent verse.

    The four types of Jihad
    1. Sword
    2. Mouth
    3. Pen
    4. Money
    are actively being used by the Muhammadans.

    The West really does need a Good Expulsion or “Expulsion” of Muhammadans.

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