ABC still blind to the savagery of terrorist group Hamas

The ABC is an extreme left organisation running a Marxist agenda. It has shown its anti-western bias and has actively fomented antagonism between us and Indonesia. The ABC is indeed a fifth column out to destroy Australia from within. It seems to be winning.

6a00d83451bc4a69e2013484af40a1970cWHY is the ABC barracking for Hamas, the terrorist group that runs Gaza and is firing rockets at Israel?

Of course, the ABC would deny it explicitly supports Hamas but it has sided with it against its enemy.

For instance, it portrays Israel as the aggressor as it bombs sites in Gaza used for launching rockets at civilian targets as far away as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Here’s Lateline presenter Tony Jones: “Israel launched the operation Protective Edge on Tuesday and its army said it had hit more than 300 targets overnight … Hamas has launched its own rockets across Israel.”

The Religion of Peace certainly is making Europe a more peaceful place.

Muslim Protesters in Europe Protest for Peace by Threatening to Kill JewsThe Religion of Peace certainly is making Europe a more peaceful place.

In fact, this latest conflict started on June 12, when rockets were once again launched from Gaza on the day three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered.

Israel at first retaliated with low-level raids, saying it would stop firing back if the Hamas rockets stopped.

This week again, Israel stopped bombing for six hours under an Egyptian peace deal, but Hamas kept firing its rockets.

Then there’s the ABC’s claims that Israel is recklessly killing civilians in Gaza.

Here’s 7.30’s Sarah Ferguson interviewing an Israeli government spokesman: “You say you don’t target civilians … Do you take enough care to avoid those casualties, because it appears the answer is no?”

In fact, Israel drops leaflets in targeted areas warning civilians to get out. At times it also gives a knock at the door — a rocket that just makes a loud noise as a warning before the real missiles come.

But Hamas hides its missiles among civilians it conscripts as a human shield — and as propaganda props if they die.

Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV station on July 13 even broadcast a command to residents “to remain in their homes and disregard the demands to leave, however serious the threat may be”.

Then there’s the ABC’s naive belief that Israel is dealing with a rational enemy. Here’s Ferguson again, telling the Israeli spokesman, “you’re going to have to sit down with Hamas in order to secure that solution”.

In fact, Israel can’t talk peace with Hamas when it wants Jews dead and Israel destroyed.

The Hamas charter even declares the time of peace “will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them) …”

Why does the ABC not recognise a true enemy not just of Jews but of the values of the West?