After throwing the Jew under the bus, NSW premier Mike Baird promises Eidolaters in Lakemba to be a good serf

Just Another Brown Lipstick  Affair, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Ramadan ends: Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr at Lakemba in Sydney’s south-west

Australia’s  Muselmaniacs gathered at mosques for morning prayers as the festival of Eid al-Fitr began, bringing an end to a month of fasting from sunrise to sunset.

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird couldn’t stay away. Having just thrown NSW Communities Relations Commission chairman Vic Alhadeff (the Jew) under the bus, he promised Lakemba Muslims to be a good serf:

He said he wanted the Muslim community to know they would always have an ally.

1406524370113.jpg-620x349“A friend here in New South Wales, a friend leading the Government. We will always listen to them and always respond to them,” he said.

Premier Mike Baird declared himself a “friend” to thousands of Muslim worshippers at Lakemba mosque, but refused to be drawn on the government’s handling of a bitter row that has engulfed Sydney’s Arab and Jewish communities.

Celebrating the end of Ramadan on Monday, Mr Baird opened his speech with the Arabic greeting “Assalamu Alaykum” – meaning “peace be upon you” – saying the festival was a time to reflect on tragedies around the world, including the loss of innocent lives in the Middle East.

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Koranimals are delighted, from Bankstown toBeirut:

“The Lebanese and Arab expat communities in Sydney have managed to push Vic Alhadeff, a high-ranking government official, to resign, after he voiced support for Israel,” Lebanon’s National News Agency reported.


The ancient Jew-hatred returns (Andrew Bolt)

All things considered, I find Premier Maike Baird’s  brown nosing  offensive and repugnant. You don’t go schmoozing with the enemy when our people are being murdered all over the world, in the name of Islam.

The anti-Semitism behind the rallies against Israel is unmistakable.

Here are protesters in Melbourne last weekend:


Note the caricature of Abbott on the right:


This cartoon, used by the Sydney Morning Herald to advertise more poison from Mike Carlton, trades on some dangerously familiar stereotypes, too:



Why does the Left only protest when Muslims killed by Jews?

After all, Muslims are killing Muslims far more horribly:

Newly-released video footage shows the ISIL Takfiri terrorists summarily executing at least 50 Syrian government soldiers in the troubled northern Syria.

Muslims are killing Muslims in far greater numbers:

More than 700 people were killed in Syria over the course of Thursday and Friday, in what activists say were the bloodiest 48 hours of fighting in the conflict to date.

Muslims are eradicating Christians:

ISIS, which recently changed its name to Islamic State, gave Christians in Iraq’s northern city an ultimatum last week to convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or be killed, forcing hundreds of families to flee and tearing apart a community that has existed since the earliest days of Christianity. The militants spray-painted Christian houses with the Arabic letter “N” for “Nasrani,” or “Christian,” to identify them.

Yet the only killing in the wide world that protesters in Australia condemned last weekend was Jews fighting back against the terrorists who have fired more than 2000 rockets at Israeli civilians.

Why this so-selective outrage? I can think of only one credible explanation, and it’s deeply sinister.

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  1. Mr. Baird,

    Please be assured of my full contempt from now on…but then, what could one expect, I have seen your father at work.

    You are either a coward, a supporter of HAMAS/ISIS/BOKO HARAM (birds of a feather), or a Jewhater. Even just ONE of these would have me utter just one more word at your address: PFUI !

  2. Mike I am disappointed in you, donet you care about the Christian getting killed by Isis or the jew getting killed by Murders palastinesens you are loosing your liberral and Christian vostes now, no way I am joing support you in any way, why donet you jointhe greens they belive that shit too.
    You are a disgrace like Sharia Hason young and the rest of the killing team in the world,

  3. Looks like Baird is the next in a long line of politicians to do the old bum raising political two step! How pathetic!

  4. Why do australians tolerate such a vile person ? This is dusgusting for a supposedly free country

  5. Just when I thought the Liberal Party had it’s act together, along comes Tom Baird. Dissapointing.

  6. Nobody shouLd commit crimes thereis no excuse and reading this as justification made me realise your reliogn i have seen how peaceful it is & your not peacful with these statments, so take a deep breath to absorb that your not following a trureism.

  7. Baird needs to be drummed out of the Liberal Party NOW! All of the misery on this planet is caused buy the very pricks you are now grovelling too! OUTLAW ISLAM NOW! Islam is THE CRIME against humanity!

  8. Vic alhadeff and other Post war immigrant Jews like isi liebler did their best to turn Australia into an expensive multicultural shit hole. Now they find that the Arab mutters they once championed to colonise Australia have turned into a Frankenstein. Vic was some kind of community relation jobs worth who now finds the Arabs he once helped establish their Hijra now want him out as he has served their purpose. Do you think that the Isi’s and Victor’s who cried racist at the likes of Ruxton Hanson Garland and defamed the integrated Jewish community from the 19th century etc now long for the days when Australia was a British country and they didn’t get fired for espousing Jewish ethnic causes?

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