Australia should ban citizens from joining IDF, Muslim leader says

If  Muselmaniacs had their way, no infidel would be allowed to defend himself. The cursed Jews would have to dig their own graves and the glorious muhaheddin would do to them what Muhammad did to the Jews of Arabia.

President of the Lebanese Muslim Association says it is ‘not fair’ that Australian jihadists returning from Iraq, Syria can face prosecution, while Australian conscripts in the Israeli army don’t. (Haaretz)

Is it ‘fair’ that Muselmaniacs are killing the Christians all over the world? In the queer and twisted world of jihadism, ‘fair’ is whatever advances Islam, everything else is therefore ‘unfair’.

988207367A Muslim community leader in Australia has come out against the country’s ban on Australians fighting in Syria or Iraq, while it allows them to join the Israel Defense Forces.

President of the Lebanese Muslim Association Samier Dandan said it was “not fair” that Australians who fight in Syria or Iraq can face prosecution on their return home. Those who fight in the IDF should face prosecution, too, he said, according to Australian media reports.

Prohibiting Australian citizens from enlisting in the Israeli army would make sure “we don’t create more heat within the Australian social fibre among people from different cultures,” he told the Australian Associated Press.

“It’s hard when you say something to one side and they look and say how come we’re not being treated the same – it’s not fair,” he said, adding, “The law should be across everyone – that’s how we feel.”

The Australian government has recently express concern over Australian jihadists in Iraq and Syria, and the risk they pose to the country when they return.

Dandan also criticized Australia’s decision in June to no longer refer to East Jerusalem as an occupied territory.

7 thoughts on “Australia should ban citizens from joining IDF, Muslim leader says”

  1. Does this fook know the difference beetween a legitimate national army and a terrorist group? Well, let’s hope our government AT LEAST does.

  2. To PG

    For someone like Dandan, only Muslim rule (and probably Sunni Muslim, at that) is legitimate and ALL kuffar governments everywhere in the world are illegitimate and their armies (which represent at least some kind of obstacle to Mohammedan Total World Domination) are terrorist groups, whereas jihadis are all legitimate (unless they belong to the wrong sect), because they are Soldiers of Allah.

    I wonder what would happen if someone who was thoroughly well informed as to this kind of thing – the Muslim mindset that sees ALL kuffar worldwide as rebels against allah and against the Muslim Mob, illegally occupying land that (so the mohammedthugs believe) rightfully belongs to mohammedans – were to give Mr Dandan a grilling, and push him till the smiling “butterwon’tmeltinmymouth” or the tearful “pitymeI’mapoorpersecutedvictim”mask simply melted off and The Islam, flaming-eyed with gaping maw, came snarling out from behind it?

  3. “The law should be across everyone – that’s how we feel.”

    Can someone please inform this ignoramus we dont give a flying f*ck how they feel!!??

    1. Interesting that you picked that up. We have indeed replaced logical reasoning with ‘feelings’- and added to this the ‘respect’ for the perpetually offended.

  4. Sheik hit this right on the head, you aren’t allowed to fight back against a muslim aggressor. You’re supposed to stand there and take it no matter what.

    When you strike back you’re hitting back at their ‘supremacist’ beliefs.

    I know first hand how they react when you strike back damn they don’t like it one bit.

  5. Oh if only I could sign up to the IDF. Israel is my favourite country (after Australia of course)

  6. FYI Only 1 Christian has died, (woman’s house collapsed on her) & no churches were targeted or destroyed in Gaza fighting.

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