Australia's amazing new export: suicide bombers and headchoppers

Tribes mean sharing a territory not a culture

Andrew Bolt

Adam Dahman on his Facebook page.

Adam Dahman on his Facebook page.

AUSTRALIA now boasts an amazing new export: suicide bombers and men who hack off the heads of infidels.

Adam Dahman, 18, a graduate of Northcote High, this month reportedly became our second suicide bomber, killing three people in Baghdad. (His family denies it.)

He joins a Brisbane man believed to have blown himself up at a Syrian army checkpoint last September.

AUSTRALIA now boasts an amazing new export: suicide bombers and men who hack off the heads of infidels.

14063032351961_700Elomar, a Sydney boxer, grins as he holds up two severed heads — which his wife’s lawyer claims were just “Photoshopped’’.

14063030211961_700Islamic State terrorists routinely pose with their victims. It’s part of their strategy to terrorize anyone who would oppose them.

Also starting in this new export drive are Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, whose Twitter accounts last week showed them mugging with the severed heads of Iraqis.

Elomar, a Sydney boxer, grins as he holds up two severed heads — which his wife’s lawyer claims were just “Photoshopped’’.

Sharrouf, who served time in an Australian jail over a terrorist plot before moving to Syria, meanwhile brags: “Few more heads how lovely bludy amazing stuff abuhafs u keep on cutting those infidel throats but the last 1 is mine!”

So far this industry has been purely for export. None of the 21 Muslims jailed here for terrorism offences managed to achieve what they were plotting.

But the very idea that Australians travel the world cutting off heads or blowing themselves up would have been inconceivable a generation ago.

How stupid we have been. Our immigration programs seem to have operated under the conceit that we could import people without the culture which shaped them — or at least not the nastier bits.

That was always a fraud but is even more so now that immigrants have come in such numbers that some form colonies here, whole suburbs bonded by ethnic and religious ties and connected back to the source country by cheap travel, internet access and satellite television.


Last week showed again how this can now work, with a Sydney man dobbing in his wife to Lebanese authorities for breaking Islamic law by leaving her family and meeting her new lover in Lebanon.

Mahassen Issa now faces a six-month jail term there for adultery, but even her own family in Sydney reject her, with her brother Ahmed telling a reporter: “I would put a bullet between her eyes.”

Notice the lack of shame at expressing something so at odds with mainstream Australian values? We are becoming a nation of tribes, sharing only a territory and not a culture.

If so, we need to be clearer about exactly which tribes we’d like here. Which will most benefit us, and which will most hurt?

5 thoughts on “Australia's amazing new export: suicide bombers and headchoppers”

  1. And we are letting them back in so as “ASIO” and the Feds can monitor their movements! WTF?
    This vermin should should be let to go wherever their hearts take them, have their passport and citizenship revoked and then let them go and blow themselves up in a nice desert cesspool somewhere. We should be encouraging more of their brethren and sisters to do the same.
    Islamic Population control 101!

  2. Yep got me totally miffed as well. They should never, ever let back in. If anything they should be hunted down and exterminated.

    I am now totally convinced the Australian Government is filled with absolute f******* idiots of the highest caliber. Blood be on their hands!

  3. One other thing I would like to add, I am totally ticked off with the term suicide bomber.

    These creeps should be called for what they are > ISLAMOKAZIS !!

    The Japanese did the same thing during WW2 and they were called Kamikazes. They had a belief system too just like these Muslime a***holes.

    Call it for what it is > ISLAMOKAZIs.

  4. It wouldn’t be a problem if we were making sure they couldn’t get back in after they’d gone.

    And if we weren’t importing anymore.

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