Calls mount to ban France’s ‘violent’ Jewish Defence League

Looks like France will implement the ‘Pact of Umar’ dhimmi laws to make Jews defenceless. How come there are no calls to ban the violent Koranimals who are terrorising France?

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Pressure is mounting on France to ban a far-right Jewish group, described as violent and extreme by critics, following its involvement in clashes at a pro-Palestinian protest in Paris and the jailing of two of its supporters over a bomb plot.

The Jewish Defence League, an international organisation dedicated to protecting Jews from anti-Semitism by “whatever means necessary”, has a long history of controversy and alleged acts of terrorism and has been outlawed in both the US and Israel.

But the latest conflict between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip – and the passions it has stirred in support of both sides in France in recent weeks – has cast a new spotlight on the French division of the group, known as the Ligue de Défense Juive (LDJ).

An ‘extremist and racist association’– read more, France 24

Gaza protests: ‘France imported the Mideast conflict a long time ago’

© Jacques de Marthon, AFP | A pro-Palestinian protester in Paris

Text by Nina HUBINET

The conflict raging in Gaza has spilled over into France, with pro-Palestinian rallies descending into violent clashes. The director of a prominent think tank tells FRANCE 24 the problem has been brewing on French soil for decades.

Pascal Boniface is director of France’s Institute for International and Strategic Relations (IRIS) and the author of a book on the consequences of the Mideast conflict for France.*

Amid growing controversy over the government’s decision to ban pro-Palestinian rallies in Paris and the suburb of Sarcelles last week, and Prime Minister Manuel Vall’s warning that France must not “import” the conflict raging in Gaza, FRANCE 24 asked Boniface to weigh in on the subject. — too late, read more….

6 thoughts on “Calls mount to ban France’s ‘violent’ Jewish Defence League”

  1. # How come there are no calls to ban the violent Koranimals who are terrorising France?

    The usual excuse is that banning them will cause more marginalisation, vulnerability, radicalisation and … extremism.

  2. WTF?????? What drugs are the french on these days?” France needs to get rid of this brain dead government!

  3. These young courageous Jews were the only obstacle standing between terrified Jewish worshippers being maimed and possible worse in their Synagogue, until the frightened police slowly arrived.

    The JDL has my full respect.

    If there were only more like them.

    On the 5th anniversary of the horrible horrible death after the most unspeakable torture of during 3 weeks of a young French Jews by “le Gang des Barbares” – a muslimo/arab/black gang of savages, the these young Jews, by night, went to this no-go area ruled by this Gang of Barabarians, and stuck posters over the whole area, promising the young Jewish victim that he would never be forgotten.

    They also release information which the corrupt islam-sodomised Hollande Government and their servile media do not want the public to see.

    And charges against them are trumped up by a fully corrupt criminal “Head of Justice” – as are charges against French who simply dare saying “Islamisation of France is no good”.

    1. Hollande, a corrupt village idiot, a champagne socialist brought to power by the “ni99a” vote, that’s in their own words! Officially there are 6 million Muslims in France, and 1.5 million have the right to vote. That was exactly what brought him to power. Do we have to ditch democracy in order to save our children’s future?

  4. This doesn’t surprise me – the French liked Napoleon and still honor the freak.

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