"Disproportional" Psychobabble on TV

MSNBC ‘spokes-dhimmi’ for Hamas, Judenrat Andrea Mitchell, accuses Israel of “disproportionate response”

Mitchell tells the Israeli Ambassador that they aren’t fighting fair because they have the Iron Dome missile response system and the Hamas terrorists don’t.

It won’t be long before these “disproportioned”  halfwits call for human sacrifices among Jews to make things equal between them and the “Palestinians”.

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Netanyahu: Would Other World Leaders Calmly Tolerate Rocket Salvos on Their Cities?

ISIS May Target Mecca for Destruction

  • I’m becoming a fan….

UN: Most “Palestinian” Dead Ignored Israeli Warnings


 Despite Palestinian charges the UN acknowledges Israeli actions to protect civilians.

(Truth Revolt) Shockingly, Despite Israel’s extraordinary steps to avoid them, civilian casualties are one of the tragic results of “Operation Protective Edge.” As the Palestinians continue to accuse Israel of targeting civilians, a most unlikely source, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), has acknowledged Israel’s attempt to avoid hurting civilians.

Obama’s “moderate” Palestinians: Fatah’s Facebook page glorifies female fighters, suicide bombers

Days after Abbas’s faction says it too is firing rockets into Israel, video lauds trio of women terrorists as role models.

(Times of Israel) A short video clip posted on the Fatah movement’s official Facebook page Thursday glorified a female army unit training to launch rockets at Israel and presented suicide bombers as role models for the Palestinian population.