Israel will fail and Pal's will be victorious, claims Haniyeh


Hamas says Israel will fail as Gaza death toll hits 98Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh says Israel had violated the terms of an Egypt-sponsored truce it signed with Gaza factions in 2012 a long time ago. “We are ready for months of fighting against Israel,” Mahmoud al-Zahar, a member of the political office of the movement, said.

Hamas leader Kaled Meshaal:

‘We won two wars before, because God is with us. Even if we have to do it alone, we will defend our land. We are not making threats, but self-defence is our right’ said Meshaal.

Erdogan blames Israel, not Hamas-Fatah

France’s Hollande not concerned about Hamas rockets, blames Jews:

“The New York Times’ anti-Israel bias is on prominent display …

…in its international edition with a highly skewed page-one headline,” the watchdog group said. “Completely inverting reality … [u]ninformed, casual readers would have no clue from this grossly skewed headline that the opposite is true. It is Israel which is striking back following 386 Palestinian rocket attacks [by Wednesday] launched from the Gaza Strip and targeting civilian communities in southern Israel since June 12, when the three Israeli teens were abducted and killed.”

Money no object:

Worst Obama Idea Ever:

Obama’s ‘Cease-Fire’ Offer Is a Betrayal of Israel

Hussein Obama offered Thursday to broker a cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians–actually, the Hamas terror organization. That is one of the worst ideas, among many contenders, ever proffered by the Obama administration. The effect of the cease-fire would be to stop Israel from defending its citizens from Hamas, and to preserve the terrorist group’s arsenal and infrastructure for future use in another round of war.

4 thoughts on “Israel will fail and Pal's will be victorious, claims Haniyeh”

    1. By ‘winning’ they are trying to tell you that Israel could not finish them off, and they still got the jiziya from the ‘international community’. That, to them is winning.

  1. Ahhh. I see. Delusion, that good old reliable crutch that Muslims cling to, so they can keep telling themselves they are master of all. Although, based on their definition of “winning” the Israeli’s could also claim the same victory. That the Pali’s were unable to finish them off and fulfill their dream of driving them into the sea, thus they (Israelis) are “winning” too.

    “jiziya from the ‘international community” Jiziya, no doubt…and after Arafat’s fiscal leadership. I bet many seek to emulate him.

    As for the international community, I am sure you remember that these are the same dangerous arseholes who bought into and backed the Soviets against the big bad trigger happy United States, who selfishly would not give the Soviets, and by enlarge the rest of the world peace during the late 80’s.

    The Soviet successfully sold the act as “we are just a poor people who want peace” through their successfully subversive “the Peace Offensive”
    and providing the majority of the funding for the WPC-World Peace Council, that repeatedly and boldly condemned the US weapons policy and military actions whilst failing to issue similar criticism to the Soviets for their aggressive and imperialistic actions. Sound familiar?

    The international community as in the past, as now are a dangerous and foolish bunch.

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