Meet Australia’s latest export: the suicide bomber

“There is no proof”– really? There is never any proof. The soldiers of allah always resort to religiously mandated lying (taqiyya) after  atrocities have been committed in the name of Islam. Especially the families of the perps are known to tell us that their boy “would never do a thing like that”- until the infidels take the heat off and go back into their complacency; then the Koranimals revel in their broods ‘martyrdom’ and praise him for blowing himself up for the cause.


Andrew Bolt:

What culture did we import that produced this deadly export? And why? 

THIS is the Australian teen authorities believe became a suicide bomber in Iraq last week, killing five people. But the family of Adam Dahman, 18, last night denied he was the bomber, saying he is alive in Syria and had contacted them last week. His father said ASIO agents had interviewed his son but let him go, and he believed he was doing humanitarian work in Syria.

The teen, from Northcote, Melbourne is suspected of detonating a bomb near a Shiite mosque in Baghdad last week.

Pictures on Adam’s Facebook page date back to December 21 and appear to show him posing in front of Islamic State flags in Iraq which read “There is no God but God; Mohammed is the messenger of God”.

But Sam Dahman, did not believe his son was the suicide bomber: “Where is the proof?”


I don’t believe Australia has been greatly enriched on the whole by immigration from Lebanon, despite many obvious success stories: 

POLICE have condemned violent threats made by the family of a Sydney mother who is facing jail in Lebanon over adultery charges.

Mahassen Issa … is facing a six-month jail term under Islamic law after she separated from her husband and met a man in Lebanon…

Her brother Ahmed …  said it was against Islamic law for a woman to remarry unless she had been divorced for at least a year. He claimed his sister married her new partner while in Lebanon, but she has denied this.

She’s my sister, I would put a bullet between her eyes, I couldn’t give a shit,” he told The Daily Telegraph.