Mushrooming Mosques, Litigation Jihad & the Muselmanic Smear Machine


Concerned Citizens of Canberra have lost the last episode in their long struggle against the inappropriate Gungahlin mosque. On Friday 4 July the ACT Supreme Court ruled in favour of the Islamist group behind the project.

Kudos to Irwin Ross and the many good people who gave so freely of their time and resources. Keep in mind that mosque isn’t built yet. And even those that have been built, can be shut down again.

Another good reason for us to work harder every day on changi…See More

Opponents to Gungahlin mosque have “controversially” linked the development with the kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls and the Boston bombings.–CANBERRATIMES.COM.AU

Michigan, USA: Muslim Bullies Waging Jihad On Private Citizens

A federal judge in Michigan has come to the defense of a private citizen who faced a demand from Muslim activists  thugs  (CAIR) to produce her private emails and submit to an interrogation, all because she worried plans for an Islamic center in her neighborhood would create traffic problems.

When the case first arose, WND columnist Pamela Geller saw it as another example of CAIR using the U.S. legal system to silence opponents.

“CAIR’s jihad millions buy media and men, and now it’s going after private citizens,” she wrote. “It sends a message. It sends a message to every single American – that if you dare to oppose Islamic supremacism, you will be targeted, smeared, harassed and driven to bankruptcy through legal channels.”

Australia: Gungahlin mosque court challenge dismissed in ACT Supreme Court

By Elizabeth Byrne (ABC)

The ACT Supreme Court has dismissed a legal challenge opposing the development of a mosque in Gungahlin. A small group called the Concerned Citizens of Canberra has been fighting the proposal for nearly two years.

The development plans for the site on Valley Avenue received approval from authorities in August 2012.

The group won the right to take its case to the Supreme Court last year, after its initial objections during the planning consultation phase failed.

The group argued the development did not meet the planning guidelines for the area where it is proposed.

Specific concerns were raised about parking, transport and some funeral practices, which the group argued did not meet the required rules.

It also raised concerns regarding the social impact of the mosque on the area, including increased noise.

But today Master David Mossop dismissed the application and awarded costs against the group.

Outside the court members of Canberra’s Islamic community welcomed the decision, including Yasser Dabhoiwala.

“Definitely very pleased and we welcome the decision. It’s been a big relief for us and the community as well,” he said.

Irwin Ross from the Concerned Citizens group is considering his options.

“I’ll give the paperwork, the decision, to the lawyers and then they can look through it and we’ll go from there,” he said.

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  1. Of course Canberra’s Lady Mayoress, otherwise known as Chief Minister, whose pre ACT Assembly career consisted of being a trade union employee, has got on the Iftar bandwagon hosting a dinner to show the Muslims who have settled in the city how tolerant the place is of their exotic customs, including that as yet unmanifestered, by virtue of their small numbers, of demomstarting that the dhimmi Lady Mayoress shouldn’t be so condescending to presume that the Muslims are the ones tolerated and she will find out that their Muslims will be the ones doing the tolerating, or not, depending on what their ‘sacred scriptures’ and crowd mood at Friday ‘prayers’ tell them to do.

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