"Muslim communities in China, Sri Lanka and Myanmar are being subjected to attacks as people around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan…”

Hugh Fitzgerald

Saudis Outraged That Not Everyone Is Willing To Behave Like Europeans And Americans

Not in Myanmar. Not in China. Not in India — or, at least, not in India, in the same way, as under the Nehruvian rule.


The complaint, by a long-in-the-tooth head of the World Muslim Youth Congress, is at Arab News  here.

I am sure all over Western Europe people are looking with secret delight, and a desire to emulate, the way the Burmese are refusing to allow the demographic conquest of their country. The methods chosen need not be exactly the same ones. Merely banning halal butchery, the building (and the government subsidising) of mosques, the directives to all agencies, express or implied, to find the fraud in Muslim exploitation of the immigration laws, the education laws, the health ministrhy laws, and to make it possible to expel, quickly, without endless appeals or other delays, Muslim immigrants, and to require loyalty oaths for nationalization and to make explicit the need to expressly reject certain passages in the Qur’an that preach unending hostiity toward, hatred for, all non-Muslims — that’s a start. Parents of young children child-proof their houses. The indigenous non-Muslims in the West can figure out how to make their countries permanently hostile to the practice and presene of Islam. It’s a matter of survival. See Mosul. See Homs. See northern Nigeria, including Chibok. See the Bamiyan Buddhas, or their ghost. See those tunnels in Gaza.

Attacks on Muslims in Asian states denounced

The attack on Muslims in Sri Lanka, China and Myanmar by extremist (!) Buddhists and religious fanatics  (Buddhists! LOL!) backed by governments is a matter of “serious concern” for the Muslim world and international community, said Saleh S. Al-Wohaibi, chief of the Riyadh-based World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), here Wednesday.

Saleh-Al-Wohbi-of-wamyHe voiced deep concern over the systematic persecution of innocent Muslim minorities in these three countries.
In an interview with Arab News, Al-Wohaibi said: “The Muslim communities in China, Sri Lanka and Myanmar are being subjected to attacks as people around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.”

In the queer and twisted mind of Al-Wohaibi the Muslims are blame free; while infidel resistance to the Mohammedan expansion project is evil. And we all know that the “holy month of Ramadan” was never a month for less jihad; in fact, that’s the time when the soldiers of allah really get going…..

He also expressed WAMY’s inability to help Muslims overseas or extending financial aid, saying that “the regulatory agencies have imposed curbs on WAMY’s overseas transfer of funds.”

He, however, said that WAMY has been closely working with some organizations in China and Sri Lanka. Muslim communities in Sri Lanka, which account for nine percent of the country’s 20 million population, are being subjected to attacks by unruly mobs of Buddhist extremists. A number of Muslims were killed and hundreds of people seriously injured by anti-Muslim militias in southern Sri Lankan coastal towns in the last few weeks.
In Myanmar, inter-religious violence has taken place throughout the country over the past two years. At least 300 Muslims have been killed and more than 150,000 displaced since the June 2012 religious unrest. Most of the victims have been members of Myanmar’s Muslim minority, estimated to be about five percent of the population.
In China, the authorities have imposed restrictions on Uighur Muslims during the month of Ramadan, banning government employees and schoolchildren from fasting, in what rights groups say has become an annual attempt at systematically erasing the region’s Islamic identity.