Mustard Rage Around the World

Muslim Brotherhood Exhorts All Free People Muselmaniacs of the World to Rise Up in Solidarity with Gaza -…


Thousands of Kashmiri “students” protest for Gaza

Take a real close look at these headbangers. Let me know if you find one among them that looks like a ‘student’. That’s unless ‘students’ means something completely different in Islam:

Kashmiris raise their hands while chanting anti-India slogans during an anti-India protest in Srinagar


Gaza schoolgirls repeat Hamas slogan: “Strike, strike Tel Aviv!”

Hamas Using Mosques as Front for Terrorism

 Gaza refuses Israeli Medical Supplies; Jerusalem Cleric: Israel Defends Us from Hamas

Reflections on Gaza From an Israeli Mother
This crisis, like others that preceded it, has united the Israeli people. In normal times we tend to be a contentious lot, neighbors arguing against neighbors, political parties bickering bitterly in the Knesset and in the media. But all of that has disappeared, ideological and personal differences blurred or suspended. Israelis know that they are all in this together.
It is precisely as a mother that my heart goes out to the innocent Palestinians in Gaza. A cruel and inhumane Hamas regime has deprived them of freedom and dignity, and endangers their lives in the name of radical jihad. It commandeers their homes for military posts, and to store and fire rockets, using them and their children as human shields to die for propaganda purposes.
I am proud to live in a country that makes phone calls to the residents of buildings that have been targeted, warning civilians so they can get out in time; a country that even now, in the midst of battle, continues its ongoing practice of providing medical care for sick and injured Gazans, just as it does for Syrians fleeing the bloody civil war there.
The average Israeli would like nothing more than peace and quiet. But that will have to wait. I just learned that another barrage of rockets was fired moments ago toward Beersheva.‘Human rights activists’ at Hamas’ serviceMost of them have good intentions. They want peace and reconciliation and want us all to make love and not war. Hamas loves them.
In October 2013, Ismail Haniyeh delivered a thanksgiving address: “We put our trust in the support of the liberals in the world… Greetings to all the civil society organizations and human rights organizations.”
In that exact speech, he presented the “Palestinian national strategy,” which will include “an armed struggle and a PR struggle in all regional and international arenas.”
The strategy works. Hamas has launched another round in order to play its role in the “armed struggle” front. Only several hours passed before “writers and intellectuals” began filling their own role in the “PR struggle” front. The first petition has already hit the road. No to violence. Not to war. All they want is to “probe the incitement,” Israel’s of course. And they are demanding “an end to the fighting in Gaza.”NGO Monitor: The Gaza numbers game

Five days into Operation Protective Edge, the out-going UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, issued a statement that the number of casualties in Gaza raises “serious doubt about whether the Israeli strikes have been in accordance with international humanitarian law and international human rights law.”
In a similar vein, UNWRA Spokesperson Chris Gunness has a running commentary of casualties on his Twitter feed, including the plea to “Imagine being a 5 year old in #Gaza This is the 3rd terrifying bombardment in your short life. Where else have 5 year olds suffered thus?” These numbers and emotional appeals, however, are seriously misplaced.
If many civilians are being killed in Gaza, it is because Hamas is storing and launching deadly missiles from within populated areas and exploiting the population there as a human shield. Conversely, if even one civilian were to be illegitimately targeted, that single killing would be illegal.
Thus, the UN officials’ emotive statements are entirely disconnected from the legal and moral implications of Israel’s actions.

Security boss in Dutch city with one of country’s the largest jihad communities “absolutely not aware that radicalization was a problem” Yet another example of how dangerously naive European authorities are towards Islam and jihad. Via, translated from Telegraaf: Delft ignored warning about Jihad Fighters DELFT – The city of Delft has not done anything […] Continue Reading »willful ignorance Comments

Somali convert in Sweden: Sweden might experience a bloody civil war
Somali convert in Sweden: Sweden might experience a bloody civil war

I met lovely Mona Walter at a press conference in the Danish parliament a short time ago. A Swedish Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her own way. Being a convert in Islamized Sweden and even speaking out publicly about it and against Islam is exceedingly brave. Via, translated from Uriasposten: She lives in Gothenburg and came to […]Continue Reading »

>“Palestinian” rep to UNHRC: Israel warns civilians before attacks, we don’t“Palestinian” rep to UNHRC: Israel warns civilians before attacks, we don’t

“I am not a candidate in any Palestinian elections,” says Ibrahim Khreisheh, “so I don’t need to win popularity among the Palestinians.” In other words, he can speak the truth beyond the endless barrage of “Palestinian” jihadi propaganda. His claims about Israel are nonsense, although international bodies are now so anti-Israel that he may be […]Continue Reading »

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