Now you know who calls the shots in the UK

“‘Infidels must wear red collars and shave heads’: ‘

UK jihadi: Under Sharia, Infidels must wear red collars, shave heads, pay jizya– Abu Waleed, Islamic parasite with UK residence.

The latest cartoon from our friend Shem:


The Muslims in the UK already feel like the masters in the Kingdom. They will decide who will be the next PM… That’s what happens when you allow a Trojan horse enter in.

Now you know who calls the shots in the UK:

Here’s the text from the page:

Hopefully this placard will be at the protest on Sat outside Downing street as well. — ‎with ‎‎‎Mansoor Sohil, ‎Djliteng Noegroho, ‎שלום עליכם‎‎‎, Apsara Ali, Taha Habib Gul, Candelà Alwerfalli, Sayed Yasin Munna‎ andYasmeen Ahmad Hasan‎.‎

And this dumb dog believes the Mustards will make him PM:




Trojan Horse Whistleblower Promptly Sacked