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Islamic State: ‘We’re coming for you, Barack Obama’

High-ranking U.S. officials said Wednesday that not only are Sunni radicals with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant “worse than al Qaeda,” but that the group has a message for the president: “We’re coming for you, Barack Obama.”

Lots of jihad and lots of beheadings in Syria

Beirut: An offensive by the jihadist Islamic State group against Syrian government-held territory has killed at least 74 people in the past 24 hours, a monitoring group said on Friday.

The misguided, the stupid and the ill-informed of Londonistan


Richard Littlejohn: what depresses me is the one-sided apportioning of blame, the idea that Israel is the ‘aggressor’ in this conflict.  Yet, as far as its useful idiots in Britain and Europe are concerned, Israel is the only one guilty of ‘war crimes’, no matter how many precautions it takes to avoid innocent deaths. Hamas has no regard for human life, on either side. Every death is a propaganda victory, amplified by gullible sympathisers in the  Western media.

  Bachmann Leads Congressional Call to Outlaw Muslim Brotherhood

Late Thursday evening Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, with the co-sponsorship of seven other House Representatives, released a bill to finally designate the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization

Related news:

7 Nobel Peace Prize Winners Condemn Israel ‘War Crimes’

One notable signer was a former close friend and mentor of President Barack Obama, former PLO spokesman Professor Rashid Khalidi.  Obama has credited Khalidi with helping shape his political worldview. Among the other signers were Nobel peace laureates Desmond Tutu, Betty Williams, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Jody Williams, Adolfo Peres Esquivel, Mairead Maguire and Rigoberta Menchu.

All of them ‘peace activists’, ‘social justice’ types, Marxist redistributors and one token indigenous south American. I’m totally unimpressed.

Also signing were academic Noam Chomsky, filmmakers Mike Leigh and Ken Loach, musicians Roger Waters and Brian Eno, writers Alice Walker and Caryl Churchill, and journalists John Pilger and Chris Hedges.

Are you… impressed?


IDF Calls Out UN for Lying About Gaza Civilian Casualties

Israel: no ceasefire that leave attack tunnels intact

John Kerry is doing what he considers his job in pressing for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. But Israel at this point is right to reject any extended halt in hostilities that leaves even one of the attack tunnels from Gaza into Israeli territory intact. It’s a matter of the most basic self-defense.

You can watch the IDF doing its job here:

There will be time later to inquire into why the Israel’s leaders failed to deal with the tunnel threat years ago and, one hopes, to hold those leaders accountable. More from Harry’s Place.