"Respectable" Butt-Bomb Makers, Cultural Sensitivity Training For FGM and 'Islamophobia' BS From An Ingrate

Master of explosives who turned his own brother into a bomb: ‘Evil genius’ created devices that can be sewn into the body and are virtually undetectable


  • Ibrahim Al-Asiri was born into respectable middle class Saudi family
  • He first tried out chilling tactics on willing younger brother, Abdullah
  • In 2010, his devices were found in printer cartridges on US bound plane

He is Al Qaeda’s most valued bombmaker and the creator of explosives so dangerous only an ‘evil genius’ could have come up with them.

Such is the skill of chemistry student Ibrahim Al-Asiri, who was born into a respectable middle class Saudi family, that his devices can be sewn inside a human body.

Female Genital Mutilation? Guilty White Liberals Make it Possible

After years of silence, the British establishment has finally acknowledged the ‘national scandal’ of female genital mutilation (or FGM, as it is called by those in the know), which has been practiced on up to 170,000 women and girls in the UK, and 140 million worldwide.

FGMIn a new report, the Home Affairs Committee has blamed ministers, police and other agencies for doing too little to prevent the mutilation of thousands of victims, out of a “misplaced concern for cultural sensitivities”.–Female Genital Mutilation? Guilty White Liberals Make it Possible

Sajda Mughal is a very good Muslim. She is also a Muslim 7/7 bomb survivor:

unnamed-11Islamophobic Britain makes me fear for my children— She uses terrorist attacks that kill UK citizens to attack the UK again.

I pity those who buy the lies of a muselmanic female whose value is only half of a man’s….