Smelly Jelly

He was a real stinker:

MUSLIM Underwear Bomber plot failed because he hadn’t changed his panties in two weeks.  The notorious underwear bomber’s plot in 2009 to blow up a plane on Christmas Day failed because the explosives became ‘degraded’ after he wore the same pair of underpants for two weeks. (BNI)

Oh, those poor passengers in the seats next to him.


The despicable Shrillary Klintoon:

Mohammedan ‘Lords’ and ‘Iftar Dinners’ for All Faiths

The children, the children:

Have you heard about Meriam Ibrahim?

A barbarian regime seized an American’s family and jailed them – and throughout their imprisonment no one in the United States Government did anything and neither the President nor his Secretary of State said a word. (Mark Steyn)

Shitties get even with headchoppers:

Shiite militiamen in Iraq’s city of Baquba dragged the bodies of Islamic State jihadist fighters through the streets Sunday and hung them from a bridge and a utility pole.


 Kerry, the horror:

Take my word for it: you’ll never find God in a mosque:

New York is shocked:

“…the Australian government has deserted the front lines of the climate struggle”–GRIEVOUS BLOW

3 thoughts on “Smelly Jelly”

  1. This is probably the only time I would so love to see those Islamic butchers get their come uppance.

    I would love to see the faces of them brave murderers when they’re on the receiving end of payback, I bet they’d be shaking like a dog crapping razor blades.

  2. “When will Muslims recognise their culture as metaphorical sewage?”

    They must fail and lose. Islam promises them victory and success and gain, so they will question the truth-claims of Islam … if they lose.

    We judge the ethics of Islam by other standards, and so we find its ethics abominable, but most Muslims are kept ignorant of any moral code against which Islam’s can be judged, so they will accept the Islamic claim to be true and the best system ever. But, if they lose in worldly terms, such as in battle, that opens a crack in the wall, that may allow them to question the whole deen.

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