Soccer Blitzkrieg!

I’m not the greatest fan of ball games, but the Soccer World Cup is not something to be ignored. It’s reassuring to see that the Germans still have what it takes, at least when it comes to soccer. Brazil is devastated.

Every German Goal in Its 7–1 Victory Over Brazil Made History. Here’s How.


  • Saudi Cleric tweets on Brazil loss: can’t win if you sin!

    Brazil soccer fans walk in the rain after watching a broadcast of their team's loss against Germany in their 2014 World Cup semi-final match in Rio de JaneiroFollowing Brazil’s dismal 7-1 defeat on Tuesday, Sheikh Saad al-Duraihim tweeted in Arabic that the World Cup host had lost the match because they “presented the World Cup on bare stomachs and naked bodies.”

    His post was ridiculed by many on Twitter, with one user sarcastically replying that Germany had won because they were “busy praying Taraweeh, (special night prayers during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan).”