The Arab Madness

Not necessarily a bad thing:

Iraq Sunni Mufti: ISIS and Al Qaeda Slaughtered 300 Sunni Clerics (English Subtitles)

 ISIS is willing to kill fellow Muslims. That’s not right. The Islamic Front thinks Muslims should kill only non-Muslims.That’s why it is “moderate.”–  by Hugh Fitzgerald

This is, in fact, a very good thing:

In Karbala, While Waiting For ISIS, Shiites Fight Shiites

The Iraqi (Shi’ite) army in Karbala v. a local sheikh, the usual fanatic with the usual fanatic followers. Both sides are prepared to go the full 15 rounds.45 deaths so far. It’s the old story: “When I’m not near the Infidel I hate, I hate the Infidel I’m near.” (Here.)


 Jordanian Political Analyst Bassam Badareen: There Are No Children in Israel, They Are All Soldiers

Sunnis v. Sunnis, Round And About Iraq And Syria

More Madness: We Are Lions, Ready To Protect Baghdad, Najaf, Karbala

Iraqi Shiite Militia Leader Defies ISIS: We Are Prepared to Target the Enemy on Its Own Turf (MEMRI TV)

TRIPOLI, Lebanon:

Foreign jihadists have been immigrating to Lebanon for years, but sources say that following the rapid conquest of territories in Syria and Iraq by Islamist groups, their numbers have recently been increasing to the extent that the country is at risk of becoming a hub for jihadists.

SafariScreenSnapz045All they want is RESPECK! 

The attack comes after a statement issued by the Municipality of Tripoli urging residents to respect the Muslim holy month by not eating in public places. Mayor Nader Ghazal also addressed owners of restaurants and coffee shops to “respect the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan.”

Lebanese café bombed for opening during Ramadan

Lebanese café bombed for opening during Ramadan

You see, the imperative is for you to accept the hegemony of Islamic law. Either you will do so by becoming a Muslim, or by submitting to the overlordship of the Muslims and conforming your behavior to suit their sensitivities. There is no one on earth who is exempt from this imperative, and it will advance as far as it possibly can, unless and until someone has the will and the strength to stand up and say “No,” and stop it. But right now, no one dares do that. To do that would be “Islamophobic.”–Continue Reading »

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  1. All they want is reSPECK!

    Giving them any form of Speck (bacon) tends to get you arrested in Britain and Europe today. However, if they really want it, and ask for it, could that be a mittigating circumstance.

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