The Jihad Sisters: "Bubbly and Exceptionally Bright"

‘I’m shocked they have gone. They didn’t seem to be radical or extremist in their views.’– Of course not. They are just being Muslims following their religious duty to wage jihad.

Twin schoolgirls who followed their jihadi brother to Syria were hard-working students who hoped to train as doctors.

The twins’ parents raised the alarm last month, after finding the girls’ beds empty and their passports and clothes missing. Police said the pair are thought to have followed their elder brother, who ditched his own ‘excellent’ academic career to join the ISIS terror group around a year ago.

“Poverty causes terrorism…”

The girls’ devoutly Muslim Somali refugee parents and their 11 children had been moved from an estate made famous by the TV series Shameless to an upmarket suburb, after telling the council they needed more bedrooms

The jihad sisters: Bubbly and exceptionally bright, these twins with 28 GCSEs were set to train as doctors. Now they’re in Syria ‘training to be killers’
  • Twins Salma and Zahra Halane left their parents’ home in middle of night
  • They then caught a flight to Turkey, before crossing the border to Syria
  • Sisters appeared to be typical teenagers, pouting for selfies and shopping
  • Now they are feared to be training for battle in footsteps of elder brother

They were given a six-bedroom end-terrace despite the protests of the existing tenant. Yesterday the large back and front gardens were strewn with discarded household items and children’s plastic toys.

The house’s previous resident – a 40-year-old Army heroine who served in Bosnia – said last night she had been booted out of the house by Manchester City Council so the twins and their family could move in.

Former lance corporal Dawn Benjamin told The Sun she had thought the house – her childhood home – would be ‘going to a good family’.

She added: ‘I lost my life, memories, everything I’d grown up with, to house jihadi wannabes’.

Ms Benjamin and her young son had to move out after they were served with a court order. The council confirmed the house had been needed for a larger family.

There you go. Islam = replacement theology.

In other news:

Spain is pushing for a ban, we should be too.

Spain: Catalonia to push ahead with burqa ban plans – Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Spain’s objective is clear here but it’s a band-aid on a mortal wound. Perhaps it’s more psychological than anything else — Muslims immigrating to Europe will be less inclined to go there. But it’s a finger in the dam. Muslim immigration is the problem….

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  1. The girls’ devoutly Muslim Somali refugee parents and their 11 children.

    Not one but 5 clues, when taken together, these people should not even be in the West.

    1. Devoutly
    2. Muslim
    3. Somali
    4. Refugee
    5. 11 children.

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