The murder of "3 Israeli Settlers"and that poor Arab child murdered by evil Jooos….

As far as the family’s insistence that the kidnappers were “settlers,” this exchange shows how unreliable they are:

“‘Settlers have killed our child,’” they told Ma’ariv‘s Asaf Gabor.
“But after a few questions it became clear that this is based on evidence of friends and a video clip of 10 seconds that barely shows anything,” Gabor said, commenting on the conflicting narratives.
“‘They wore skullcaps?’ I asked the relatives. They answered ‘no.’
“‘They had beards, tzitzit?’”
“‘What are settlers?’ I asked, and I received unclear answers.”
“‘They fled to Jerusalem, then they are settlers,’” the relatives said.

Clashes follow Palestinian teen’s funeral


Whether there is a funeral or not, there there will always be clashes whenever recalcitrant infidels don’t bow to the will of allah and keep clinging to their false beliefs. The soldiers of allah are religiously obliged  to impose their rule over infidels.

So here is al Jizz’s narrative:

Mohammed Abu Khdair, 17, killed in apparent revenge attack, has been buried in occupied East Jerusalem.
We can be fairly sure that it was not a ‘revenge attack’, but much rather an Arab engineered murder of a homosexual which is now used as a blood libel against the Jews.
If you think al Jizz is just a little too biased, check this out:
The New York Times published an op-ed by Ali Jarbawi on Wednesday that started off this way:

The murder of three settlers in the West Bank has given Israel the excuse it was waiting for to set a huge military operation in motion.

Apparently, the “Newspaper of Record” cannot be bothered to do even the most cursory fact checking (two of the boys lived within the Green Line.)

The New York Times did not publish a single op-ed supporting Israel’s right to search for the missing boys.  On the contrary, they published one by Roger Cohen called “Cycles of Revenge” that not only assumes that Jews are responsible for the  death of Mohammed Abu Khdeir but also that “Netanyahu, without producing evidence, has blamed Hamas for the murders” – never mind that the suspects who disappeared on the same day the boys were killed have ties to Hamas and the boys were found in the field of a familythat has perpetrated dozens of Hamas terror attacks.It sure seems like facts are not very important to the New York Times. (EoZ)

Red Crescent in Jerusalem said dozens of mourners were injured, as the clashes continued after the burial.

Clashes follow Palestinian teen’s funeral

Israeli police said they used “riot control means” on stone-throwing Palestinians.

Fanatical Frenzy Watch

10452382_794191360615349_6821741636801056909_n“Dozens of Palestinian youngsters, some masked, threw stones at police in Ras al-Amud,” Israeli police said on Twitter, referring to an area of East Jerusalem.

“The police drove them off with riot control means,” a term usually referring to tear gas or stun grenades.

This might have been an opportunistic murder that was designed to implicate Jews while sending a separate message to the family.
It’s not like framing someone for a murder is a new concept, and framing an entire people is a lot easier. There had been previous attempts to kidnap members of Abu Khdeir’s family
Apart from all that, its business as usual:
Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 6.58.57 PMSavages. They slaughter three Jewish school boys and then declare war, knowing that the world will cover for and cover up the heinous war crimes of these annihilationists. Israel should respond with impunity. A home video caught on camera what it’s like to be under such incessant fire (strong language alert): “Hamas Threatens as Rockets […]READ MORE

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