This is how conquest is conducted in the 21st century

Invasion Force

This is how conquest is conducted in the 21st century:

A federal government that wanted America to survive would be calling in airstrikes if that’s what it took to stop the invasion. (Moonbattery)
You’ll never guess who said that:
Israel crisis: Obama’s obscene moral relativism

Here are the dots that need to be connected:

On June 2, President Obama emboldened Hamas by immediately announcing hat American support and financial aid would keep flowing to a newly formed Palestinian unity government that included the terrorist organization.

While the rockets flew and the kidnappers murdered, the State Department continued to insist on the existence of a phantasmagorical technocratic terrorist.

For instance, on July 2, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki explained a unity government between Hamas and Fatah – that was mysteriously missing the Hamas half. “They’re not a part of the technocratic government,” she said. “Obviously, the technocratic government is different from the reconciliation process. Obviously, everything’s linked. It’s all – but it’s different.” (Anne Bayefsky has more)


Trainload of Invaders Derails in Mexico

If our government were not devoted to our country’s destruction, the CIA would be seeing to it that every single one of these trains derailed: