US Aviation Authority has just lifted the ban on flights to Tel Aviv …

UN human rights council launches probe into ‘war crimes’ in Gaza despite USA’s disapproval

unrwaaThe United States was the only country that voted against the resolution as all European countries on the council abstained. Israel has strongly condemned the Council’s decision as a “travesty that should be rejected by decent people everywhere.”

Obama’s Flight Ban to Israel Lifted

The ban was put in place on Tuesday after a rocket fired by Islamic terrorists hit an Israeli village 5km from Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main hub to the rest of the world. After the MH17 shoot-down this was too close for comfort for many airlines.

SOME good news: not all Hamas headbangers are ready to meet the virgins:

The IDF took over 150 Hamas terrorists prisoner after they surrendered in last night’s offensive on the neighborhoods of Khan Yunis and Rafiyah in the Gaza Strip.

Anti-Islam Groups in Australia Unite Against Building of Bendigo Mosque

Council typically receives only a handful of objections to most applications, if any at all. The number of objections received – 432 – is the most objections received by this council ever, for any application. Regardless whether one considers the objections valid or not, this is far more objections than has ever been received before.

Andrew Bolt wrote for News Corp Australia last week: “The more Muslim immigrants we admit, the more terrorists we risk one day having.” Mr Bolt believed Muslim immigration should be restricted to “give us fewer to monitor. If Islamic leaders can’t stamp out jihadism we may have to defend ourselves as best we can.”

Mustard Riots in Canuckistan; Jews Attacked, Police Does Nothing

 Islam finds itself more and more often in the spotlight of the world’s attention…

Not even Friday yet:

Foreign journalists receive death threats for ‘fabricating information for Israel,’ accused of informing on terrorists.